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About Mommy Center

Friday, July 3, 2009

Welcome Prianca

Thanks Komal for taking this blog to a new level. Like we all know, more the merrier. And when it comes to parenting, we sure can do with a lot more inputs. So, Welcome Prianca.

I have sent the invite to Prianca to start writing on the blog. Komal, I guess you can do the honors of introducing her to the process. That apart, Prianca - You can check some of the old posts for more information as to how this blog started, what the header signifies and basic instructions on how to post articles up here.

We would like to know more about you. So, write in and fill us up about yourself, your little brat and just about anything (oh did I forget someone?Ah, hubby dear!) you want to share with this bunch of us out here!

And before I forget, I am Deepti Pawar (Komal's college mate, obviously) and here is a little something about my life after we graduated until date. A few other ex-college moms who are already on-board have written in too. Check out their posts as well.
Welcome aboard!
Happy Blogging. Haffun.

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