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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Milestone Mania

"Oh, he has not started walking yet? How old is he?", a curious lady asked me at a party. "Nearing a year and a half now" I replied in a tone tired of having this discussion with N number of people where we go.

Yes, Samvit is 1.5 years now and he still does not walk. So? Is it in my hands? Do I have a wand that can make him walk? It's not like he does not do it. He is PLAIN SCARED! He holds my or his dad's finger tightly and will not let go .. although he is walking on his own without really tugging on to us and applying any pressure. So, he is bearing his entire weight and walking... but wont let go. The moment we leave him, he simply collapses on his knees and screams out in anger that we left him.

I mean its one thing about achieving milestones but totally another for every child to get to the same milestone at the same time. I fail to give more explanations to onlookers and people who give their "suggestions" that I AM doing ALL I can. I try to make him walk by holding him.. he walks... but he is scared to let go!! How can I take that fear out? It should come from him. So when people ask me I say "You can take a horse to the water, but cannot make it drink"!!!

Did any of you face this kind of thing? I'm getting frustrated with every passing day to the extent that I want to yank Samvit onto his feet, cast a spell and get him walking!


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  2. No worry deepti, I am going through one ...potty training!Last weekend was our formal potty training amongst the many formal ones.. this one with daddy too. So we didnt go anywhere and kept at him trying to get some luck at trianing him! Yesterday too i was really frustrated after trying. So decided to stop because I might have a breakdown soon.

    I do compare Jaiden with kids who have potty trained and you get sad.

    I am sure samvit will walk soon. I am sure you have tried this.. let him walk in your house from one end to you at the other end. Let that fear go out first before he walks outside. Or with both parents at both ends and he can go from one end to the other. Does he dance? put some music on and maybe he will start dancing and eventually walk around with the music.

    You culd also invite another friend who has a child who is walking. Samvit might look at that and start to walk. Sometimes these kids do the things looking at other children. any luck with his sleep patterns and the swing? Things will be fine!!

  3. Dont worry deeps everything will be alright soon...i know we lose our patience by making comparisions with other kids..cant help it you see..but we must stop that as we cant force it on them..
    As liz said take him to your neighborhood if they have kids of samvit's age or more as children generally imitate what other kids do. Else take him to a nearby park and watch hee will try to leave u and start walking( and may be run if u dont let him go)

    Get him his favoutite toys( bigger ones) which he can hold onto and walk...slowly he will start walking independently i m sure..

    Put some mattress down and make him walk holding his hand and slowly leave it..even he falls he will not be hurt( might be he has fallen once or twice and it must have really hurt him that's why he is plain scared of walking)

    Hope these things will help u some way or the other and makes samvit finally walk without help.

  4. Sorry! This is my first time here.. n i really dunno any of u guys.. I have always tried to think out of the box and come up with solutions that are easy on the pocket.. You can try this - get a sturdy plastic neelkamal stool [ height should be slightly lower than shoulder level] .. get ur son to push it around the house.. initially just get him to hold it and place ur hands on top of his n both of u push.. that'll give him a sense of security. Be sure to follow him closely as he might suddenly decide to let go.. try it n let me know if it works for u! It makes a screeching sound when pushed n ur son will love it!

  5. hey deepti..dont worry da...we all get into such situation throughout their growing phases.Just think that we r all raising kids without any support and are we r doing a gr8 job.People only have to pass on comments or compare.I used to do it a lot initially but not anymore.The minute i see any kid of Anish's age the first Q was'what things is he/she upto these days?'
    Then it was like i was pressurizing myself.
    But then realised that Anish was talking time to learn things his own way and also he was also doing other stuff tht other kids were not doing.
    my recent ex: when we moved to a new place(last dec) my neighbor's daughter who is just younger than anish for 5 days spoke english very well and was also doing pretend playing!but anish was not.Then realized that they had not taught her their native language...so i was a lil happy tht anish can do conversation in two languages.
    And Anish still cant get the concept of pretend playing..hahaha

    And for Samvit to walk just make him feel more secure..at this age they are so attached to parents and the momemt they dont see them or the moment he feels that u have left his hand
    he starts getting nervous.So as liz said make him walk at home from corner to another first..then take him to playgrounds ..when he sees other kids walking he may want to try it..eventually he has to walk bcoz his independencey phase is going to begin..and then u cant stop him..

  6. Ok, let me clear the confusion....the comment above by Shruti is not by our dear shruti anand....thats the reason she says that she doesnt know any of us.
    But this is another Shruti, living in good ol bangalore and whose blog I follow.
    Thats an amazing idea....dont you think Deepti?

  7. yeah that is a good idea. I actually forgot about something like that. One of our friend bought jaiden this lawn mower toy that he pushes around even now. it makes a loud sound.. a little anoying after a point but it can help him walk on his own. initially he would probably fall or hit somewhere but then once he knows his speed.. i think he should do fine!! try it deepti!

  8. Yeah.. he does push things around the house.. his walker, furniture etc... but wont let go... thats where the issue is!!

  9. He even sees other kids walk in the evenings but is least bothered. Besides one friend with whom he plays (one month elder to him) walks and we thot he will learn from him.. but its the reverse thats goin on.. that kid is going back to crawling!!

  10. Ha Ha depts...that was really amazing..reminds me of shreyas..he wouldnt talk and would just babble..got him to b with my neighbor so who ia a month older than shreyas is and he would take properly..and no guesses..he started babbling and stopped talking....hehehe

  11. Komal, that is so cool. How about adding blogs to this blog of ours? As in mentioning the links of other mommy blogs out here? Let me know if (the other) Shruti is okay with her blog getting a mention here. And if so, give me the link to her blog. Tx!



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