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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Food Glorious Food!!!!!

Had come across this interesting debate today. Wherein vegetarian parents (vegetarian by choice, not by religion/customs) feeds their child meat. of course for most vegetarian Indian (including me) non-veg is a strict no-no for various reasons. The point of discussion is not those foods, but those other things that one does not like but is super healthy. The logic being that give the child the chance to choose what he/she likes/dislikes.

I do not like bhindi or brijal or paneer (yes i am a veg non paneer eater) and have only seen my mom prepare them, have never tried making them on my own either, and in some cases (paneer) have never seen my mom cook them either. Though it is too early to introduce some of these into Kyra's diet. I do not like Mango's but Kyra did eat a small piece. Its easy to camoflage some things and still fed the baby. My husband does not like spinach (for a very wierd reason) but Kyra has palak every day as part of her soup. I do not like urad dal - but its part of the many grains that make up her dinner. Some others aint that easy. What happens to things like pumpkin (dont know if its healthy or not) both of us cant stand that fruit. Assuming its a very import part of Kyra's diet, would we be able to feed her that?

Was wondering what happens if you really dislike a particularly healthy fruit or vegetables or grains that you know would be a valuable menu addition for baby (avocado, for example)? Do you pretend to like it, to encourage your baby to eat? Do you serve it JUST to the baby? Would you learn how to prepare it and then prepare it just for the baby?

The discussion is only for healthy food, needless to say that mother's restriction as far as junk food is still required and a must.

The idea is to introduce an array of flavours and letting the child make an independent choice. Have any of you given your child something that you have not eaten yourself or cant even bare the sight of?



  1. Good thinking Komal. As with Samvit, he pretty much (used to) eat anything.. but has always been a hopelessly slow eater. And, now that he is growing he has his own likes and dislikes... but thankfully for me he seems to like veggies. His ONLY turn-head-away-and-spit food item for now is rice. But Im learning to deal with it.

    I dont like brinjal too, but when I make it for him he eats it. In most cases I too avoid buying it but then I think he should learn to eat everything...so yes, even though I dont like some foods I do make and feed him.

    When it comes to Deepak feeding him, its a whole different story. He hates veggies, cakes, junk et. al. So when I tell him to feed Samvit a piece of rich molten chocolate doused cake for a snack (which of course is once in a way!!) Deepak says "God, you are like ur mom! How do you eat all this??!?" hehe.

  2. Hates cakes and junk food!!!! Wow! how lucky....what i wouldnt do to enjoy the same preference over food....half my problems would be solved then.

  3. Its only a matter of time Komal. Before you know it your lil girl will begin eating everything... whthr u want it or not. In fact I think ur doing a fab job with her (from what I read - spinach and dals!) At that age Samvit was a terror when it came to mealtime!!!

  4. after reading all the comments...i would like to add that till date shreyas doesnt eat a thing called veggies or Fruits...i have tried all my tricks and tried to hide it in foods he like...but in vein...this issue would be a whole new post for me...

    you guys are lucky..that they eat what ever veggies and fruits you offer them...




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