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About Mommy Center

Friday, July 24, 2009

Announcing Our Technical Administrator

Yes. The little setback we had seems to be falling in place. I will soon let you all know about how you can go about getting email updates of new posts to your inbox! For now, I have a little announcement. Before we have general administrators for our blog I think what we really needed was a person with enough technical know-how. And, thanks to the problem of email notifications that we faced and many more thanks to Pallavi ... we found just the right person!!

Announcing our Technical Administrator
***drum roll***
Ramya R

She has given us a good solution to the notification issue, which I will share with you all soon in my next post. For now, THANK YOU RAMYA! And, psst... here is a little secret, Ramya possibly is sleeping as I have made this announcement and has no idea about it. Ramya, love me or hate me... you are our Tech. Admn.!!!


  1. Deepti, you certainly got me there! I'll give it my best shot but please beam the SOS signal when needed. I am not known to be proactive ;)



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