About Mommy Center

About Mommy Center

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Moms On The Blog - Barkha and Padma

Hey ladies, its that time again. Yes, new members!!! And, I am so so happy this community is growing. Of course, the blog as such needs more work with new features etc. that can be added, but I'm sure you all understand - its tough doing it all being a stay-home mom. Which means I am looking for new admins who can share this task with me. Will come to that in another post.

OKAY! Let me come to the point. We have two (yes TWO) new members joining in. Thanks to Pallavi and Anitha for introducing Barkha Bordia and Padma Alur respectively. I request the new joinees to kindly accept the invitation and read the instructions on how to post articles on the blog.

We at Mommy Center also invite Barkha and Padma to read up on our stories in the archives of the blog. Oh, and not to mention would love to hear about you too! Do write in and let's get the mommy-talk (and just about any other talk) going!!

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