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Friday, July 10, 2009

Live life?

Quiet a strange title I must say. But that's the thought going on currently in that head of mine. What triggered is my desire to squeeze in some gym = me time in my packed day. End result = a really confused (usual, i must add) me.

Beginning at the beginning, have a cousins wedding coming up in Nov plus we have a trip scheduled to my sasural (bangkok) in December. The wedding in nov, is the first wedding in the family that i would be attending post my marriage. There have been weddings in between, but for some reason or the other I have not been able to attend them. So heres my chance to justify some of the expenditure on clothes made during my wedding. Have not visited my sasural in over 2.5 years now - naver felt the need as my in-laws would come visit us. Plus this would be the first time Kyra would be going there, and if I know my in-laws I am sure they would be throwing a party for her. Plently of occasions for me to look great and feel great coming my way! Thankfully I have lots most of my pregnancy weight, but I am left with a well rounded ab region....makes me look about 4/5 months pregnant even now! :( The desire to have washboard abs has been with me for as long as I can remember....though no action till date has been done towards that front. Recently I came across a blog (cant remember the name) which only talks about the authors progress towards being bikini ready by 30. Thats when the whole flame rekindled and I wanted to look fit and good in the upcoming festivities.

You must be wondering whats this long story got to do with the mommy-center blog or with the title? Well I just couldnt fit in the gym into my schedule. Not that there was not enough time for it....I mean I am willing to cut corners with some other things for the next 3 months to be able to go to the gym but there were other factors - which part of bangalore (my house and office are in two different areas of bangalore), where would Kyra be, how will I cook dinner (cause I figured the only time I could fit the gym would be post work in the evening), Kyra's food and loads of other things. I am still currently working on finding answers to all those questions but over an above that is a thought....

I work through the day. Kyra drives with me around town for about 1.5 hrs a day. When we get home, I am busy with preparing dinner and other house hold duties. By the time I am done with everything its Kyra's bed time. Sometimes feel bad that I do not get to spend enough time with Kyra, but not working is not an option for me - both financially and mentally. Taking out time for the gym would mean a futher reduction in Kyra and my bonding time. Should I or shouldn't????

A friend of mine was mentioned that the american's went over board with the whole spending thing, but that apart there is alot to learn from them. Europe US, NZ (those are the places I am aware of ) plan their day such that they very clearly demark their family time from office time. They even set aside a budget for travelling and vacations. Something most asians would consider least priority. We are all so tunned to saving and securing our children's future that we forget to enjoy the moment. Postponing a joy is very common, in everything - be it a new dress (save it for an occasion) or a even as small as eating at a fav resturant (too tired today, will go there tmr).

I am not saying we should look at our wishes overlooking our children's wants and desires. I am just saying that is it right or selfish to try and do something for one's happiness. It could be taking a music class or dancing or writing a book or just about anything that gives one happiness, but sacrificing maybe time or money or some other resource for your child?

Let me know what you guys think.


  1. It is difficult komal to do the things you want to do. After Jaiden was born, I too did loose all the pregnancy weight but the jelly belly... nooo! I hated the fact that i still had to shop and my sizes kept changing and changing from maternity to post maternity to i dont know.. to shapeless! My sister was here with us for about 6 months. And she is a big workout freak. and she was my big inspiration. So when she was here , and jaiden went to sleep for the one hour in the morning.. I went to the gym which is here in our complex. I used to exercise for 30 minutes almost everyday. And i lost some more weight. I also cut down on a lot of rice(which i really love and which is what we eat mostly).

    But i stopped going to the gym since last novemeber, and since then I have been only doing small exercises at home when Jaiden sleeps. Washboard abs.. I dont think that I will ever get..but I am managing to keep off my weight and I am happy with that.

    What you can do komal.. is try to exercise at home for couple of minutes when Kyra is sleeping and when you are not at work. Even a walk with kyra will do good even if it is only 20 minutes. To get killer abs, i think you will need a personal trainer and need to control our diet a lot. I used to keep such expectations but now i dont anymore because it is impossible with our kind of lives, habits and especially our diet.

    So do small exercises and as Kyra grows older you will get more time and then you can go to the gym and spend more time. i think you look just great otherwise and if you have lost your pregnancy weight that is awesome!!

  2. ME too..komal.I have lot of wght around my tummy...and want to loose it but im so lazy doing the chores at home i hardly feel energetic at the end of the day.I just want to relax and do something which i like to do.We all mom's have to wait for our kids to sleep todo something.

    More worse is that me and anish are Sharing the laptop screens for a while now..

    Hey here people are crazy workout freaks..if they feel tht they r not spending enough time (with kids)or no time to do exercise(alone) they run with their babies in the strollers.But also i have to complain tht they dont cook at All..can u believe that.So most of ur time is Saved.

    Also this "Me" time is important here..tht in Anish school we had this discussion with the teacher abt it and she said that kids need their own space and we have to leave them to play bythemselves atleast for an hr everyday.And also that it was not wrong to do so.And frm then on we have 60 min of free (Me time) for a week.May be too less but somehow my husband also agreed to give me tht time.

    So all i can suggest that is u can walk with ur kid with stroller or just take out time atleast 2-3 days for 30min where u can do whtever u like.
    And it is not selfish or guilty to spend time to ourselves.It is important.And also for the kids to start becomin independent.

    And also if u start ur day a lil early may be u can get some time in the evening and if u have early dinners..more good.Kyra can goto bed by 8 and then u can plan the rest of the evening.
    Well as liz said u look gr8.Have fun at all the festivities.

  3. I totally agree too. I used to work out until last week when I started full fledged driving and added chauffer to my already long list of roles out here... so I drop Deepak to work. So that leaves me no time in the morning to workout. So these days I make sure I go for walks for a min 30 min atleast every other day to get me time and workout (which I love to do). Yes diet is a important thing. I too have stopped rice. Its the "killer". I have managed to get to a few kilos lower than my pre-preg. wt. but still I feel like a slob..n like Liz says, Shapeless!!! So Im trying walking in the veneings and doing some toning workouts when Sam naps. I dont think I can go beyond that... then Ill defn. begin eating into my "work" time.

  4. oh how i wish i had the dedication to even walk in the evening post dinner! After spending the day at work, driving about an hour and half and cooking, feeding kyra and putting her to sleep, the thought of walking around the building does not even come. It occurs only when I hit the sack and feel guilty for not having been sincere to my flat abs dream.

  5. Reading all of your comments...may i suggest some thing which both the baby and mother would benefit...and it can be a family affair too...

    Every weekend...our entire family (shreyas, hubby and me) go to the pool. I swim say about 20-30 laps meanwhile my hubby takes care of him...and then its my turn to see to his safety..Shreyas enjoys hitting the water, with the tube around his waist and armbands holding him above water he happily moves around the water play area..with slides to his amusement...and this is one thing we enjoy doing and its works in my benefit as well. Also swimming helps to tone up your body..

    hope this is useful..

    Splashy fun!!!



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