About Mommy Center

About Mommy Center

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Pallavi Rao

My InformationName - PR
Husband's Name - S
DOB - 21/10
Wedded since - 23/05/04
No of children - 1
Interests - Travel Travel Travel! oh and...armchair travel, Reading, Painting(oils), Writing , Music
Web page/Bloghttp://armchairgypsy.blogspot.com/
About Me - Daughter of an ex army chopper pilot dad and editor/publishing-house-GM mom, travelled like crazy as a kid. Left home at 15 for Singapore on a scholarship, came back to Bangalore and joined MCC for my degree where I met all these lovely ladies who are now ex classmates and friends for life. Then headed to B school at IIM, ended up meeting my partner in crime there, got hitched in '04 and travelled together with my fellow explorer-best friend-husband S(architect who loves writing and design and is a great dad!). Last year we decided it was time to add to our little family and M arrived this May to complete the picture :)
Kids Information
M, Female, 26/05/09

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