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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Life's Little Pressures

It was not too long back when there were a fewer things to bother about. And, even lesser things to get pressurized about. It would either be work, which would take the cake when it came to "pressures" per se, or it would be almost nothing else.

Of course, there were a lot of times when the pressure would be in a different direction altogether. Trying to look good, having the hippest of accessories, being groomed well at all times (umpteen parlor visits hehe) to name a few. It was all a part of the rat race. And, it was normal.

But suddenly, these days I find myself in a spot dealing with a whole new dimension of life's little pressures. If you have not guessed it yet - Parenting!!! I think Ive never questioned myself so many times about anything else as much as I have about how good or bad a Mom I am.

When I see other mothers of kids Samvit's age putting so much effort towards teaching them things I begin to wonder if I'm doing enough. And everytime I ask myself that question it stings like a thousand bees. One kid already eats with a spoon - Samvit does not. Another one already says a few numbers and "reads" books - Samvit does not. And, another one helps his Mom with small chores - Boo hoo, Samvit does not. So who is to blame? Me. Me. Me!!! And so I bought a spoon, and repeatedly say numbers and thrust laundry clothes and dirty dishes into my little boy's hand and tell him do this and say that.... LORD!

I don't think I had a single book at the age of 1.5 years. I probably did not even know what a spoon was although I may have seen it, nor did I know that something called numbers existed. But, someday along the way I did get to know it all. Sometimes I think its just best to let them explore things and learn on their own at this stage. They anyway have a whole lifetime for this... but when I see other Mom's doing all this I feel like a pressure cooker about to burst!!!


  1. Yeah we mothers are always on that road to whether we are doing enough for our kids. Fact is each kid is different and they learn to do things in their own time. We are in this funny place where we know that they take their own time, at the same time feel bad that they are not doing things that other kids do. I worry too about what Jaiden doesnt do like other kids but then have to think about what he does to make me happy.It is a constant battle for us moms.

  2. As liz said each kid is different and have their different methods of learning..sometimes they learn on their own. i too faced the same problem..coz my tenants daughter was 2 months older to nainika and everybody started comparing nainika to her telling me that your baby is slow in learning..look at the other kid..she does this, she does that and i was like am i not teaching anything to my baby as the other kids mother spends hours in teaching her kid something or the other ( though i tell them that my baby learnt to walk before her)..but never mind i m happy the way nainika learns the things on her own and she knows many things that the other kid doesn't know..so i guess my baby learns practical things faster than theory and that makes me very happy and compensates for all...

  3. Paranoia another name for motherhood i think so.

  4. These may be life's little pressures but seeing them growing is our lives biggest pleasure..what say!!!

  5. True True True!! There are so many things our kids do but when we see something new we want our baby to do that as well... So Im thinking its a narutal mommy thingie! We're all in this together.. and like Smitha says, just watching them grow is the biggest pleasure ever!!


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