About Mommy Center

About Mommy Center

Friday, September 4, 2009

Deepti Deepak Pawar

My Information
Name - Deepti Deepak Pawar (Maiden Name was Deepti Suresh Moray)
Husband's Name - Deepak
DOB - 01/08
Wedded Since - 18/9/2002
No. of Children - 1
Interests - Music, playing the keyboard (the musical instrument, not the computer one!), dance, arts, writing, Bollywood movies, reading, working out, spending time outdoors with family and friends.
Web page/Blog - http://www.deeptizspace.blogspot.com/; http://www.somesalttotaste.blogspot.com/
About Me - Will do this bit a little later when I have my creative juices flowing!

Kids Information
Samvit - Boy, 17/1/2008

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