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Friday, July 10, 2009

Me Time??!!

Ok ladies... how many of you think you dont have enough "me" time? How many of you wish that you just want to sit down and do nothing all day? No tantrums, no yelling, no diaper change, no feeding, no cooking, no cleaning.. nothing!! I DO!!!

This is something I think of everyday and when I do get a little bit of "me" time.. it is just not enough. I remember the times when I used to spend 45 minutes taking a shower. Now even if I try to I can't go beyond 20 minutes. I still remember, last year I had gone out for lunch with my sister, leaving Binoy and Jaiden here and I couldnt simply relax at the restuarant. I couldn't enjoy the moment that we were spending. It was like I had to get back home to do something else. It is like I dont know how to enjoy or relax anymore, but still want to!

When Jaiden is awake.. I am either feeding him, or trying to cook, or clean or doing something with him or looking for jobs. When he is asleep, I try to again look for jobs, do some cooking or cleaning. Even if I try to sit down to watch a movie.. I keep thinking 'when is he going to get up...he probably will be up in a while'.

Looking for a job is very hard and with this 2 year break things are very bad at my end and so sometime soon I will have to fit in a time for learning something. The very idea of me starting that haunts me because I have enough on my plate.

How and what do you guys do for "me time"? Do you feel the same way too??!


  1. DITTO DITTO DITTO! Of course Im not looking for a job but then the me time aspect.. I cannot agree more!! I long for it all day and when I get it Im thinking about all the other work I can do instead of sitting down doing what I am doing. But yes I want ME time..and I love every minute of it.

    Just yesterday my sis-in-law and me went out shopping. We left the menfolk and the kids (she has two sons) back home and went out.. and I have a confession to make... I enjoyed every bit of my time on our shopping spree. I did not think about Samvit (probably cuz Deepak was with him and he was well fed and had got his full nap)... so I enjoyed for the first time after he was born without him. I feel terrible saying it.. but heck, its not wrong is it?? Dont we deserve it once in a way?

    What do I do for me time... I simply consider Samvit's nap times as me time... and even as I write this comment, he is napping and I am doing what I like to do most these days... NOTHING!!

  2. I totally agree! And am only 2 months into this adventure!! Mihika is sleeping rt now and all I could think of was logging in to work mail, cooking up dinner and clearing a bit around the house :)

    And all outings are always 'on the clock'...I think we all need to put ourselves first sometimes...its best for the kiddos too if they have a happy motivated mom who is nicely groomed and fit and cheerful...and not just trying to seem that way between guilt and tiredness!



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