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Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Dawn of Bribery

Well, its something we all have encountered as kids. "Do this, and I'll give you that.." or the very famous, "Eat your food, and I'll get you that new toy you always wanted!"

I never thought I would use these exact same phrases. But time has come! It is one thing to make a statement and another to keep it up. There have been times when I have said to my little sonny that I'd give him a new set of ABC' fridge magnets if he'd finish drinking his milk...but no matter what the outcome, I would not keep up my word. Not because I dont remember it once he has/has not had his milk, but for reasons better known to me (I'm already tip-toeing across the floor with toys all over!). But, just the other day, he asked me where the new set of ABC magnets were and I lied (again!) saying the monster took it away.. just so that I could save the same tactic for his next I-dont-want-milk tantrum.

Is it right to do this? Would they stop trusting our words? I fear that from the bottom of my heart.

Do any of you do so? Share your thoughts!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

The Big Question

...and it lurks in the minds of most people who have had their first experience with a baby already - Should we have another one? Its not uncommon I would think, but what kind of feelings are associated with this decision, no one can tell. And it pretty much depends on a lot of circumstances, as with many major decisions.

Yet, beyond everything that's going on with your first child, do you still believe that it is a necessity to have 'just one more' (lol, do I sound like I'm asking for an extra cookie with guilt)? More so that your first child will have a companion to grow up with...and someone he/she can call family when we're long gone?

I know you all must be thinking now, "So, have you decided to have a second one?". Well, sorry to disappoint you - No. Not yet. I'm in a state of confusion myself. More so since I am dealing with the terrible two's phase I find myself yelling on most days and saying, "God, I don't want another baby!". But I've not decided. Ya, its a very personal thing... but there are some aspects of it that I thought I could put out here.

For starters, I have lived a good three decades of life without the need for a sibling. So, I do not quite know what it even feels like to have one. No, I'm not complaining. In fact, I'd say I would think I never ever had a problem being alone. Even today, I don't feel that having one would make my life any better. And I'm not against those of you who have siblings. I'm sure that is a good life in itself.

Besides this, I wonder, maybe a second child will help the first to learn a lot of things. Like being responsible, sharing and caring for another person. And this will further extend to the second one since they (Ive heard) in most cases ape the first.

What do you think? What's your answer to the Big Question?

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