About Mommy Center

About Mommy Center

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Introducing Barkha...

Ladies, pls welcome our newest member Barkha Bordia. Barkha and I (and her husband and mine) went to business school together(the 4 of us were batchmates) and she has a lead of a few months on me, on becoming a mommy. Barkha's kiddo is a darling lil boy Aveev...the family is now relocating from Singapore to Mumbai and she's sure to have lots of interesting tales to tell of managing a move between countries with a little one in tow!

Barkha is a CA-MBA and rejoins the workforce with her old company at their India office...she's now also someone I turn to for tips and stories on 'what to expect' :)


  1. Welcome Barkha!
    I went to college with Pallavi. My daughter - Kyra is 8.5 months old and a darling I must add.

  2. Welcome to mommy center Barkha! Looking forward for stories!!

  3. Hey there Barkha!

    Welcome to the blog! I too am new here...was introduced by Komal, who happens to be a best friend I've never met! :)

    My sonny Shaurya is 8.5 months and a most adorable BRAT!

    Looking forward...

  4. Welcome Barkha..we r all looking forward to hear more from u..and of course about Aveev.

  5. Love to see more of you here Barkha! Write in!!

  6. Welcome Aboard!! Pallavi and me were class mates at MCC and I have a son Shreyas who is 3.4 Yrs old...Looking forward to share experiences with you....


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