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Saturday, July 4, 2009

One of my most memorabe Teaching sessions with Nainika

Its high time i posted a blog..was just thinking what do i write.
well i would like to share this funny thing that happened in one of my teaching sessions with my daughter.

Few months back whenNainika started to utter few simple words she started with ammam( when she needs to ask me for water) and other meaningless words .So one fine day i decided to teach her calling me "mamma" and guess what she started saying "papa" all by herself...initially i was pissed thinking she doesn't want to learn calling me mamma but prefers to call her dad as papa first..

But that didn't stop me... i was adamant on teaching her mamma first, but my daughter is also equally stubborn.. As many times as i was uttering the word mamma,she repeated that many times with papa itself. alas i was tired and thought that if now i teach her saying papa may be she will say mamma at least for once and make me feel happy but No, To put all my efforts to waste she again said papa and started giggling loudly..

when i narrated this incident to my hubby. obviously he was very thrilled and told me that she prefers her dad over me ... And anyways this shows that babies take their own time to learn and of course choice too.. no matter how hard we try to teach them what we want.



  1. very true smitha..and u know wht anish also chooses viks over me..but at the end of the day he needs me..which makes me happy!

  2. yeah you are right..they need their dads only to play with them..but at the end of the day when they need to be fed or put to sleep they turn to us..that makes us happy!!!

  3. Ya they all want their Dads in the evenings after they return from work because they are bored of seeing us all day...but yes for feeding, sleeping etc its back to Mom! Dad's cant take more than that...So Kudos to us!!

  4. I agree...you wouldnt believe it ..shreyas would call me dadda...until he was two and half years old...he only recently started calling me..mummy....


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