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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Eating out & Theatres

This is in reply to the post which Komal posted - should I /shouldn’t I. I began as a comment and then realised that this would be a whole new topic for me AND its high time I posted on our blog…

Well Singapore being a food haven, and me being a food lover we could not resist to eat all that was out there. We started taking Shreyas out to restaurants from when he was very young ...may be couple of months old... He was too young to understand or react to anything out there. And those days he would sleep in his pram or just play with his rattles etc; Gradually he got used to the restaurants and would sit in his high chair...without fuss or tantrums...this does not rule out that we didn’t have bad restaurant out days...but he got used to it and now he enjoys all the different kind of food we try…

Another topic would be should we take them to theatres… L READ ON

My hubby being the person he is a scientist would watch at the least one movie in theatres every week. This was ok with me before Shreyas was born and there were days when we would be on a movie marathon!! You wouldn’t believe it if that we watched 3 movies at a stretch on a weekend and return home by walk on an expressway at 330 AM!!!! ( Singapore is a safe place in these ways).

When Shreyas was born, he insisted that we take him to theatres. Pooh!! Can’t recall how many arguments we had about this and eventually my hubby won. We would take Shreyas to movies along with us though not every week as before (he had me to face). To deal with a movie fanatic husband is one thing and managing a small infant in the theatres in another. You wouldn’t believe this if I tell you that I would breast feed Shreyas in the theatres (definitely we would choose the corner seats), feed him food and he would even nap in the theatres for the entire length of the movie. He would sleep because when I would make him sleep at home I would not close all the doors and windows as usually we do, but would leave the TV or music on and he eventually got used to sleeping in noise. So he could actually sleep in the theatres. Coming to think of it now, it was really an adventure. hahah (I can c many of your frowning faces and do I hear gasps...)

Now that he is 3.4 years old. He sits in the theatre and completely enjoys all the movies we take him to...definitely G and PG movies else they wouldn’t allow him inside the theatre. We also enjoy live shows such as Barney, Mickey Mouse on ICE... all this as a result of him getting used to people and the noise. Recently we watched ICEAGE 3 and other animated releases. Not forgetting to mention the latest Harry potter flick… ;-)

So I think that its just matter of them getting used to a place or setting...


  1. You are a lucky mother Anitha. Your son is very co-operative!
    Kyra is a most lightest of sleepers. Not something I induced, when she was born, I stayed for 3 months at my mom's place, where my nephew would scream and shout and just be the happy himself. Kyra from the very beginning would wake up every time her bro would make the slightest of noise.
    Having said that I am not too keen on taking Kyra out to the movies in any case. But just thought I would let you know how well behaved your sunny is.

  2. wow anitha...kudos to you! it is good that shreyas has got used to these environments. For me theatres are still a no no with Jaiden but resturants yeah i dont mind trying out. Plus we find it more difficult to feed him there because most of the time he cant eat most of the things there. Again good job anitha!

  3. Hi Anitha,

    My hubby and I are very fond of eating out and have a huge circle of friends with whom we step out to eat atleast twice a week. I did have apprehensions in the beginning but then realised, what the heck! If Shaurya throws a tantrum, we go back home! But touchwood, although Shaurya obviously doesn't eat anything at the restaurants, he ADORES being out and looking at new faces and experiencing new things! In fact, I have a very strong support system, thanks to my in laws and my parents living really close, but I still insist on taking Shaurya along, because I know he enjoys himself so much! And to be honest, since he's begun crawling, it is a bit of a challenge for my hubby and me to manage him sometimes at restaurants but again, what the heck! His squeals of happiness are worth the struggle! :)
    And I must confess that it is a tad convenient for me since Shaurya is completely on formula. I also take along a few biscuits for him to "munch" on so he doesn't feel left out!
    I haven't taken him out for a flick yet but am really looking forward to it!

  4. hey anitha,ur really lucky da,,and must say shreyas is one well behaved lil boy.
    we tried movie for the first time last week and thought tht anish wud love iceage3..but no at first he was all exited but when the movie started he seemed less interested and went to sleep..haaaa....but was a nice week out for me!
    and yes anish can sleep in noise too..
    well for restaurants Anish loves the food..so hes happy if were going out!

  5. Cool Anitha, esp. the movies bit. We have not tried the theatres yet with Samvit. Planning to do it soon. But about eating out, our pal loves it. Now that he is big enuf to eat everything we either order a small meal for him (fries/chicken nuggets) and to add to it feed him stuff from our plates or simply pack something from home incase its a day out at the park etc.

    And coming to sleeping, my little brat surprised me recently during my cousin bro's wedding by sleeping thru an entire session of dhol/drum beating (during the baraat) and hard core DJ music blaring thru huge speakers (during the reception). I guess once its their nap time and they are tired, nothing really stops them.

    @Komal, Kyra is small but as she grows and starts moving around and playing she will get tired and sleep well too.

  6. Thanks guys...for all your support on this. Yeah he is well behaved most of the times but come on we cannot expect our kiddos to be perfect... we do have tantrums and embarassing times but as prianca says "what the heck" they are kids afterall and everybody has to face it.

    @komal, kyra is still too young,the more you take here often, the more she will socialise.

    @ Depts, That was amazing with drums and dhools..which time and again they prove to us..that we as mothers go beyond limit sometimes expecting things going wrong for us...

    @Ramya, That was nice...I remember when we took Shreyas to watch ratatouille at the theatres he did not want to watch and insisted that we walk out... Good that Anish slept thru

    @Liz, Pray that Jaiden gets over with his allergy soon and begins to enjoy all the different tasty food outside...touchwood!!! but definitely he can always try the food best suited for him...

  7. Thanks for your comments. Luckily/not so luckily I don't go out very often. Thanks to working full time, I have only the weekends to get to the oh so long list of chores and grocery shopping and other misc stuff. I get so caught up with all those things that I just don't find the time to step out.
    On the rare occasion that I do step out - thanks to Kyra's light sleep I think its best for her to sleep at home.
    Lets see what the future holds?

  8. Yes indeed you are a lucky mom anitha..and moreover shreyas is a darling who allows you to do everything u did before motherhood..
    As of my baby she is one of the lightest sleeper(inherited it from her dad)..just like komal faced the problem with her nephew, i too faced similar problems when i was in my mom's place..she used to wake up with slightest noise of switch on/off the light..even if she is in deep sleep..and that still continues till date but somehow i m dealing with it.
    So i can never imagine taking her out to a theatre..so instead we watch movies at home(as both of us are movie lovers)made a huge collection of cds/dvds after her birth.

    As for going to Restaurants she just loves it..seeing different ppl around and then she attracts them to play with her there too..
    so we take her out atleast twice a week and make sure that all the glassware is removed from our table.pack her food and feed her from our plates. Thus all of us enjoy going out for dinners.



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