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Friday, June 19, 2009

What Next?

Hmm. Now that the blog is up, what do we do next? Well, that's simple. WRITE!! The forum is open for posts and YOU can author them. So, just to make things a little easier I thought I will give you all a brief on how you can go about putting up posts/articles on the blog.
So, let me start of with one thing at a time.

For now, you will be allowed to Write, Edit, Publish and Delete posts. You can only delete posts that are written by you. Currently, you will not be able to change the template/style sheet of the posts. But, you can change fonts and colours within your article. That means your text content can be edited to the way you want it in the Post Editor, whose explanation I will come to shortly. Apart from all these editing options, you can also insert links in your posts to external sites OR to articles/posts written by others in our blog. That amounts to tagging each others topics and creating conversations...And we all know how much we like that!! Oh, and we also have spell check to keep a tab on typos. Pretty much like MS Word. Hmm! Then there is the option of adding images and video to your posts. How cool is that?! And, before I forget...for those you who can deal with HTML, the Post Editor comes with a HTML editor tab... So ENJOY!! I, for one, seem to need a mega HTML refresher course. Duh.

Ok. I know you have a zillion things that you think you can put across on this web page but seem to be a but lost as to HOW to do it. Well, no fret! It' way easier than changing a squirmy baby's wet diaper. I'll pass on the instructions right here, right now.
How to Post Articles
- Log in to http://www.blogger.com/ with your google/gmail id
- You will see a page with information about the blog and also tabs with the names Posting, Setting, Layout, Monetize. By default, the Posting tab contents are displayed
- Here you will be able to see the NEW POST button
- Click the NEW POST button and you will be taken to the Post Editor - The little space where you can pour your heart, mind and soul out. Here is where you can change colours, fonts etc. just like MS Word or any typical content editor. You can insert links, images and video too
- Type to your hearts content. Your data will be automatically saved as you type. But, don't forget to click on the SAVE NOW button (at the bottom of the Post Editor) if you happen to leave the post mid-way when your little brat/bratellina (haha reminds me of Brangelina.. or Saifeena... ugh! Let me stop!!!) needs your time (which happens almost always!!)

How to Publish Your Post onto the Blog

Now that you have your content ready and saved, how do you get it up on the blog? Well, you have to publish it. Here is how you do that....

- Once, you are done with your post/article you click on the PUBLISH POST button (at the bottom of the Post Editor) and your post will be published onto the blog. Tada!!

Editing Published Posts

Of course, it does not mean that once the post is up you cannot edit it again. It's something I do pretty much always...more often because I would remember something more to put into my post! So here's how....
- Go to the Edit Posts sub-menu under the Posting tab and you can see a lists of post(s). This is where you click on Edit and you will be guided back to the Post Editor

So, that was my mini-tutorial and I do hope it helps you all get a head-start on putting up all that you want on the blog. Once I see more articles pouring in (and more members) and we know that we have settled into a smooth rhythm, I will grant Admin privileges to those of you who are willing to take it up. Will be a BIG HELP for me.
Why wait, get typing and publish those posts!!!

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