About Mommy Center

About Mommy Center

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Welcome Arathi, Gayathri, Paddy and Lekshmi

Mommy Center welcomes you all. We want to know more about you so accept the invites I emailed you and start putting up posts on the blog. In case you feel you want information on how to post, check these instructions.

If you still have doubts, don't hesitate to contact ANY of us on the blog. And all you need to do for this is either just write it up as a comment to this post OR simply email me and I will try my best to clarify things.

Welcome aboard!! And we cannot wait to hear from you all....
Happy Blogging Mommies!!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the warm welcome and intro extended to us by all you beautiful women! Am happy to be part of a group of women trying to make motherhood a celebration! Thanks!

    Looking forward to knowing you all and ur juniors! A 'BIG' sigh....! when I think abt 'time' which is at a premium! I know, it applies to everyone! Thanks again,



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