About Mommy Center

About Mommy Center

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Welcome 4 new members to the clan!

Hi All,

I'd like to introduce 4 lovely ladies to the group...none of them know each other though!

Arathi - Arathi is a mom-to-be due in this October and is hoping to get lots of tips from those of us who have a headstart...hope we get more moms-to-be signing on soon so we have lots on that equally exciting phase! Arathi is an ex-colleague from Citi and a pal always. She lives in Chennai and is a CA.

Gayathri - I went to school with her at Chennai. Gayathri now works as an architect in the US and has a lovely lil girl Anoushka who is about a yr and a half.

Padma(since we have another Padma maybe you're ok with being called Paddy as i know you?) - We are friends from Bangalore, attended B school coaching classes together and she lived in the same colony I did. Padma is now the proud mommy of handsome Varun and is based in the US.

Lekshmi - My hubby's pal from architecture college, I got to meet Lekshmi a few years back. She now lives in Mumbai, like Gayathri is an architect and has an enthu lil girl who is all of 5 years old - Malini.


  1. Oh wow! This is great!
    Deepti - About time you changed the note - about mommy center. Think there are now 6 members not from MCC.

    Welcome Gayathri, Paddy and Lekshmi!!!

  2. Gayathri, Paddy and Lekshmi...welcome to momy center..
    As komal said..i think we need to modify the note to some extent.

  3. I added Arathi on just now so we wouldn't have yet another post from me introducing someone new! :)

  4. Okay ladies. Request accepted. Will change it ASAP (read when Sam allows me to and I get some creative juices flowing in that direction)

  5. I think we now have 7 non-MCC members - Pria, Barkha, Padma, Lekshmi, Gayathru, Paddy, Arathi!!

  6. Pallavi, can you send me the email with the ids of these 4 new members again.. Sorry, I seem to have lost it or deleted it by mistake. SORRY!!!!!!

  7. Sorry for the typo - Gayathri

    @Pallavi - I found the mail with the ids. Thanks!



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