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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Unassisted Child Birth..Midwifes and more..

Unassisted Child Birth ..Midwifes and more.."Values: Mother and Child" Print

I was shocked when i first heard that even today child birth is done at home who are assisted bye women called midwifes.And my friend(Japanese) said that she has given birth to her daughter (who is now 3yrs old) with the help of midwifes.I was like what? really? with all these new technologies and modernization..in today's world too..i still cant believe i said to her.I have heard stories that my grandmothers had given birth at home but that was 3 generations back.
Then my other friend said she has been reading a blog about a Canadian women who gave birth at home with no assistance at all...UNBELIEVABLE.
She said to me that we as Women we have to believe our body and it is when u get confidence that u can do it.

So i started reading her blog too..to know more.The lady has done a PhD in Unassisted child birth.So she decided that giving birth to a baby is a private thing and she gave birth to her daughter in the bathroom all by herself.(Her husband was in the room next to it..so that if she needed any help she can call him).I have seen her pictures too.

Now she has given birth to a boy but with the help of a midwife.Her daughter was taking a nap in the noon and at that time she gave birth...First i was really thinking of how they actually managed all this at home..the blood,cutting of the placenta..etc etc
But then realized that u shud believe in yourself and nothing is impossible.

But for me its still far that i can even think of doing.

Her Blog is called Stand and Deliver. A very very interesting blog.
(My husband thinks that I'm crazy coz i keep reading her blog.so from many mnths hes like ramya ur gone crazy!) Its not that i am crazy but just curious.

i thought of sharing this with u girls..
If u want to read more..


  1. yeah even i m curious abt it. had read about such things during my pregnancy..but didnt go into details..anyways will read the blog without my husbands knowledge or else he too may tell me i m crazy hhehehehe..

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  3. Yeah, such births are still pretty common. Its just that we prefer the comforts of mordern technology... There are still people who want the WHOLE process to be natural. In a way its a nice thing.. but like Ramya says, it takes a lot of courage and confidence!

  4. And we wouldnt dare anything go wrong at the last minute...after all the months of pregnancy....we indians are too..emotional at that..what say girls...oops ladies


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