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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Past On A Page

First, let me give Liz a big Thank You for putting up a post and sharing her story with us. I was almost tired of being the only one writing on the blog.

Where do I start? It has been a long ride...yet, the world tells me that it is only the beginning. So, before I begin to bore you with philosophy let me hit the rewind button. I'll try keeping this as short as I can, but if you find me getting into nitty-gritty details just jump to the next interesting line you find.

So, just after college I began work. I could not think of studying more since I was handling two courses in college itself - our B.Sc. and a three year graduation course in NIIT, side by side. It took up my entire day and I simply did not want more books. So I began working. Getting my first job was a breeze. Funny enough as it may seem, although I was so inclined to get into the IT industry, I entered the service industry as a Customer Care Representative in a car showroom...yes, I'm sure most of you did not know that! I changed jobs and with a measly experience of 6 months I managed to get promoted into car sales in the second firm. Can you beat that? Well, it was a short stint though. And, while my employer and co-workers firmly believed I could do very well (which I would proudly say I did, since they still remember me in those companies! haha!!) I knew that was not my cuppa chai. I was thirsty for something more.

While I began my search for a better career, something where I could prove my mettle (and make use of all that I had learned back in college and NIIT), my family began the search for my better half. I let them do their bit while I did mine. I simply was not interested! But, like they say, "Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans". As you might have guessed I got married in 2002. Deepak, my hubby entered my life and so did a great job. And, then on there was no stopping for good times. Although I was employed to be a Relationship Manager, I ended up working as a Content Developer and Designer, for starters, and then over a couple of jobs I moved onto Technical Writing (main job profile) and also handled assignments that dealt with designing. Was I happy? More than you can imagine. I loved writing, so I loved my job - The last one being at i-flex solutions ltd., Bangalore back in 2006.

Things could not have been better and time moved on. But, that is when we knew something was not right. There was something incomplete in our lives and something missing. Of course, that is not difficult to realize. It was - A baby! While it could seem like the easiest of things for most people, for us it was perhaps the first challenge we faced as a couple, as a family. I got diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and we went from pillar to post looking for a (possible?) solution. I saw about a dozen doctors, went through a hundred tests, ate a thousand pills, had a million ultrsounds - all for zilch! The only thing we got out of all this was frustration and a feeling that life was just plain bad. So, plans for a baby took a backseat in our lives but hope never died.

Early 2006, Deepak got deployed here in New Jersey on a project. I quit my job and joined him soon. I came here on a dependant visa (and still am), so I am on a sabbatical of sorts. Life in a new place came as a refreshing change. Almost like a breath of fresh air. And, I believe it is that which helped us in a way to re-analyze things. To re-start and re-live life all over again. While, visits to the doctor (yes, ONE - not n) continued here too, we decided not to think too much about it. I, for one, decided to enjoy my life. So what if we did not have a baby....We had our whole lives ahead. (at least that is what I convinced myself into believing, but it was so hard, I cannot explain!!). So I decided to live it to the fullest. And, just when I thought that way and put loving life in front of hating it, God perhaps decided that we had gone through enough. Sometimes things work best when you stop worrying, they say. I cannot agree more!

We were blessed with baby boy Samvit, early in January 2009 and like most of you have put it... I joined the roller coaster ride too! Today, he is all of 17 months old and is my happiness personified. Yes, that is my little dose of nostalgia .... my past on a page.


  1. very interesting..deepti.. i am so happy for u and deepak.And also thankful to god to have blessed u both with samvit.

  2. Thank You Ramya... I'm waiting to hear ur story. Write it soon and post it.

  3. Hey Deepti...PCOS is more common than we think! I know of several folks with it, self included. Current stats say numbers cld be as high as 30-40% of urban India!

    We decided on baby stuff 5 yrs after Sri and I got hitched before I hit the big 3-0! Also cos we'd been together 7 yrs by then and felt ready then. Thanks to PCOS we estimated a yr or two before baby wld happen but smhow lil Mia decided to happen on our first try... guess thr r dozens out there with PCOS who dont even find out!



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