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About Mommy Center

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


While most of you would have guessed why I have used those two pairs of footprints as a part of the header.. I would still like to put in a couple more thoughts that crossed my mind while I was thinking of an image to put up there.

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. Of course, it does. But just as I sat down to design a header for our blog I simply could not think beyond a baby holding a mom's hand or a mommy and baby graphic or just simply peas in a pod or something on the traditional lines. Then as I sat and whacked my brains out for a good two to three hours yesterday, my son (Samvit) came up to me and held my hand and wanted me to take him for a walk. And voila, it struck me with a bang. Footprints. That's it!

Yes, it does mean the footprints of a mother and a child.

But, I would like to think it goes beyond that. It symbolizes a lot more things which I thought I should share with you all.

For starters.... it means - Leaving your mark. Putting forth your thoughts and ideas. Which is just why the blog is here.

Then, as a depiction of how far we all have come. You could look at it in this way too - That the small footprints represents us when we were back in college... not so mature, and ready to explore the world. And, the bigger pair represents us now... with professions, families etc.

And of course, the last thing that occurred to me as I put the graphic up was...moving ahead, moving up!

So there goes my little explanation of why I chose footprints as a part of the title. I will shortly be posting a poll to see how we all like it. For now, check your inbox to view your invites to author the blog!!

Oh, and why purple? Why not pastels and gentle colours to represent this blog? Simply because I think pastels, for one, have become cliched with this whole mommy/baby thing. I wanted something bold, yet striking and royal too. Royal? Purple!! But, then again.. these were just my ideas. We can change it as time goes by and we get new ones (or simply get bored of seeing the same thing!!)

Happy Blogging Ladies!


  1. Hey Depts!! First and foremost Kuddos to your concept and Hatsoff in materializing it!! I (and all moms) know how difficult it is to do all this with young kid(s) around.

    ITS GREAT!!! and keep us going!!!

  2. Thanks a ton Anitha. Well, the game has just begun. It's upto us to keep it rolling.

    Of course, it is tough with lil ones around...but a little effort is all it takes...and for all you know, we will be getting solutions from each other for our day to day issues with these kiddos!!



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