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Thursday, July 30, 2009

First Post....

First of all, Thanks Pallavi and the rest of the team for including me in this blog. I'm stepping into the last trimester and I'm already going insane (though I know its all gonna be well worth it in the end) !! I do hope I can get any tips from the seniors in this group.

A quick introduction ... I am a CA from Chennai and was Pallavi's colleague and friend in Citibank. I resigned my job when I got married so that I can help hubby in his private practice (he's a lawyer) and also devote more time to home.

Pregnancy so far: I had a horrible first trimester with so much vomiting and nausea that I could barely get up from bed. To top that all, I had mild bleeding which made my doc give me strict instruction not to even get up from bed till month five (I wasn't even allowed to walk around inside the house). I've just begun feeling like myself again in the last one month. But looks like my happiness is bound to be short-lived. I came down with high fever and joint/body pain 4 days ago. Fever is showing no signs of going away (hitting 102 to 103 degrees). Am popping in paracetamol tablets (which only brings the fever down by a couple of degrees and then shoots back up in an hour or so) and waiting for my blood and urine reports to come in. I read somewhere that fever higher than 102 degrees can harm the baby, so I've been worried sick. If anyone has any tips on controlling fever, will be glad to try!!


  1. hi arathi! welcome to mommy center! I am sorry you are going through a tough time in your pregnancy. Hopefully your little one is a quiet baby and will give you more rest when she/he is out rather than in!

    i dont think you need to be worried sick..that will only make things worse. Keep drinking a lot of fluids and try to keep the temp under control by the medicines they give you. I guess you have to wait till the results come in and they would give you other medications based on that.

    I had the stomach flu when I was pregnant with Jaiden and I was throwing up everything i ate or drank and had fever and i had to finally be amditted in the hospital. But everything was fine with the baby. So try to eat and drink as much as you can and rest!

  2. Hi Arathi,

    Congrats on your pregnancy.
    I am sure you must be eagerly awaiting your child's birth more than what other expectant mothers do, given your rough pregnancy.

    I agree with Liz, think the best thing for you would be take in loads of fluids and follow your doc's advice.

    All the very best with your test results.

  3. I read up...it looks like the risk of high fever is mainly tht it cld cause spina bifida, which is a 1st trimester worry and only causes problems if it happens from weeks 4 to 14. I quote, "Developing a fever after this time, in the second or third trimester, is unlikely to harm your growing baby.". From the community posts too, no one who was past the 1st trimester and abosultely no one past trim. 2 had ANY side effects/baby problems from fever. But do keep ur doc in the loop anyway.

    "Later in pregnancy, when your baby is fully formed and it's just a question of the baby getting bigger, fever isn't that much of a problem, unless it's caused by an intrauterine infection. To be safe, give your doctor a call if you have a fever that doesn't seem to be related to an illness."


    and IF it cause a problem and does not go away, they will jst give you an IV at the hospital along with smthing to bring your fever down and baby will do fine.

    Meanwhile, things to do:

    1. Drink TONS of water
    2. Take crocin/paracet.
    3. REST
    4. Light-weight clothing can help your body release heat in order cool down.



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