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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Golden Girls!

I dont know if anyone has watched this comedy show called the "Golden Girls".. but I really enjoy watching that show. It is a very old show like the Cosby show ( which again I really love) and it usually comes on the hallmark channel and I watch it late night around 10:30 and it goes on for a couple of hours. I don't sit to watch all the episodes ..but after I am done with dinner and putting jaiden to bed and done with the last chores.. I sit down to relax and watch this show.

The stories are based on 4 women.. who are roomies.. of which there is a mother and a daughter and 2 friends. There is Dorothy (the tall intelectual one), Sophia (dorothy's mother, the witty one), Rose( the really adorable but dumb one) and Blanche ( the sofisticated one.. who is trying to get as many dates as she can! ).

The reason I watch it is because , it reminds me of my college days having room mates and we had so much fun just talking and chit chatting together for hours and hours about the same topic or going on a tangent and ending up in a place nowhere close to where we started!!

But then we wern't wives or mothers.. but this show is about these women who WERE wives once and how their children have grown up and moved on and how they deal with their own lives in a funny way and you tend to relate to some of the characters in the show. And I realized that I was once roomies when I wasn't married, I am watching this show relating myself to the women in the show who have already gone through most of their life and I am actually going through life sharing my own life events through this BLOG! We women are not roomies.. but it is like we are the "Golden Girls" of the present age through the blog! hahahaaa!

It was a thought that suddenly ran through my mind and thought i'd share it with everyone! If anyone gets the time to watch one of the episodes.. you should!


  1. Yeah, Ive come across this series but not really watched it. My mom used to watch it whn she came to help us when Samvit was born. She used to laugh so much while I would be in the room trying to catch up with much needed sleep...but wondering what was so funny!

    Will try n catch an episode sometime.

  2. yeah.. it is funny... i like sophia and rose the most in that show. rose is the adorable one and so ignorant.. but sophia.. she is witty and sarcastic..but funny sarcastic!hahahaa! you wouldn't think someone that tiny could say so much!!


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