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About Mommy Center

Friday, July 3, 2009

Introducing Prianca Aswal

Hey girls,

This blog was started with the idea of having a common forum where we mothers could blog and share our views/thoughts and experiences. The authors not restricted to CMS/EMS - MCC batch of 2001, hence thought would introduce Prianca Bhatia Aswal to you guys and invite her to start blogging with us.

Pria is from Delhi - Noida to be specific; and as an adorable son named Shaurya Singh Aswal (shaurya is just 2 days older than Kyra). Both Deepak (her husband) and she wanted a very Rajasthan Royal name - hence the singh. Where did I meet her --- thats the crazy part, we havent met each other till date. Became friends with her thru www.babycentre.in - we shared the same EOD for a babies. Became real close buddies right thru our pregnancies, sharing concerns about our yet to be born children to bitching about various things and sharing stories about fights with hubby dearest to making up with hubby ideas. Just about everything!!!!

The authors so far are all my class mates from college. And yes before you ask....I actually did graduate!!!!



  1. Thank you so much Ramya, Smitha...I'll definitely try being more active on the blog inshaallah! :)



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