About Mommy Center

About Mommy Center

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Why the silence?

Hey ladies... wake up!

Why is there a sudden lull on the blog? Yes, there is some work going on .. but that does not stop you from writing up. Come on and get those posts flowing in. It will only further help us with getting the email notifications thingie working.

Get Blogging. Now!


  1. Hey Depts!! I know its a bit too much to ask. May be take this as just a remainder to you...what happened to the Profile Page sweetie, now that there are so many moms and mom-to-bes...im loosing count...

  2. Hey Anitha...Yup I do remember it. Tx for reminding anyway! It is the next task on hand for us Admins. In fact I have already worked out a plan to get this in place. But, just as u mentioned.. since we have so many mommies I thot we first need to make sure everyone is updated with posts regularly so that they are continuously in the loop.. which will,in turn, further fuel the life of this blog! Hence Email Notifications became top priority.

    Once my work-in-progress w.r.t Member Profiles is complete I will put up info about it.

    BTW, did u subscribe? Make sure you do it and add a comment to Liz's "New Subscription Service" post. If uve already done it, Great Work!! Tx for keeping Mommy Center going strong!!



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