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About Mommy Center

Thursday, July 23, 2009

A little glitch!

Yes, ladies we have a little technical snag in our blog. No, no! Do not fret just yet. Well let me explain what the issue is.

Firstly, we are growing. We started off with about a handful of us and now we are about 20 of us who have either been regular authors, readers or yet to accept invites (that's the new joinees). Now, that is a huge number! Unfortunately blogger's notification settings does not allow me to allow more than 10 people to whom an email will be sent each time a post is written by an author. So, with so many of us I am having a hard time getting everyone up and reading/writing.

Here is what I thought to solve this issue. We create a Google Group for Mommy Center authors and I add just that group id. But, Im thinking that will only complicate things further. Because I have already been asked by a couple of you about how you can get blog related stuff to your inbox. But, here is the catch. If you want everything to come to your inbox, why have this blog at all?? Right? The whole point is to check it regulary and share your stuff!

Well still the issue is not solved. Because with our hectic lives, checking mail itself is an ardous task, let alone going beyond that. So email notification is a great thing! And, so I will work to that end.

That apart, I wanted to know if any of you out there is a part of any other blog (with many people on it, like Mommy center) where you get email notifications. And if so then can you check with the admin and let me know how its done. You see, so much for my techy skills and BSc Comp. Sc.!!! Well, I know 'tis really a matter of getting some time and RnD, which sadly is tough with a kiddo. So I will gladly accept any help and more administrators!!!


  1. Ask Ramya R. - she's most likely to have a solution! :)

  2. Tx Pallavi for this. Will chk the mails and act accordingly... need to get my brat to bed to do it in peace!! He seems to be sleeping lesser by the day... a sign that he is growing up!!

  3. Ladies, Ramya R is helping us out with this issue. Just hang in there and we will have things fixed soon. But, that need not mean you stop writing your stuff... keep that going!!!



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