About Mommy Center

About Mommy Center

Friday, July 24, 2009

Introducing Neha Srivastava

Sometimes I think I took way too long to do this. I'm sure Neha agrees with me. Not because I simply did not tell her about Mommy Center so long, but because she lives right next door and we meet everyday and talk about everything - and STILL I did not tell her about Mommy Center. Well, Neha I'd hate to say I am not sorry about it... simply because I wanted this whole blog to stabilize a bit... and I did not want to make it seem like something big when it really was not. Ya, it still is not that big, but its at least getting there (I hope). A little space on the web for us moms to share everything under the sun!

Hey everyone, Neha Srivastava is my neighbor. We've known each other since late 2007. Yup, its not too long, but read on and you will agree that it does feel like ages!

The first time we met was at the doorsteps of Neha's apartment when they were moving in just two weeks after we moved into ours. And I could not help but notice the one thing we both had in common - bulging bellies. She was due that December 07 and me in January 08. How's that for starting a good friendship? And since then there has been no stopping. Neha's darling son, Darsh, is now 19 months old (one month elder to Samvit, as I mentioned earlier) and the two kids meet everyday for a daily dose of playtime. And, we both share lot more than just mommy talk.... good food, beauty parlor talks etc. to name a few. Who can ask for a better neighbor!?

Neha, here is welcoming you to Mommy Center!!

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