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About Mommy Center

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Mom on Board – Padma Alur

Let me introduce Padma to all the ladies on our blog. She is an Architect, and Mother of two adorable kids - Anushka (Khushi), 6 years and Akshit, 3 years. She is a stay home mom and does the daily routine household chores and also takes care of her kids all by herself.

Our husbands got acquainted in Singapore as they were housemates. She was the first lady I met when I landed in Uniquely Singapore after my wedding… Our meeting was as usual in a restaurant, where we had gathered to welcome, Anushka (then 6 months old) to Singapore after her birth in India, and more I must say to meet up with friends.

Now she is the best friend I can ask for and more. We chat throughout the day… no not on the computer… but on phone about anything and everything!!!!… there are days when we have talked for more than 2 hours at a go… and yes… we can do all the household chores with perfection while on phone… that is the phone is between our shoulder and ear and thus our hands are free to do everything…

Welcome, Padma and have a wonderful blogging time. Do share your experiences (mother of 2) with all of us.



  1. Welcome Padma!
    Hope to learn from your experiences as a mother.

  2. Welcome to mommy center padma..hoping to hear a lot from u.

  3. thanx a lot for ur hearty welcome.i'd try my best to share my experiences here on mommys center.hope u all r doing fine.



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