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About Mommy Center

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hi Everyone!!

Hi Everybody! (Blush blush)

Thank you Komal and thank you Deepti, for inviting me to be a part of the blog! And to begin with, may I please apologize for taking so long to accept...baby, husband, in laws, MAIDS...all responsible for my bad manners! :)

The world of internet can never cease to surprise me! Komal and I are like the thickest of pals today and share our entire day with each other and...and...we haven't met EVER! This takes me back to one of the many books I read by Dr Brian Weise where he says that people who are destined to meet always will and they may have never known each other but will feel a positive vibe getting them together! :) But of course, lets not forget the REAL heroes (and heroines) who're responsible for our friendship and thus me being a part of this blog...our little darlings!!!

Well...a few years back, I would've never even thought that life could get to be such a rolleroaster ride but today, I'm a mommy through and through and my life revolves around nothing but my little brat, who, surprisingly, is asleep right now and that's the reason I have been able to finally get onto the blog...........and here comes the maid! Phew! And there begins my day!!!!!!! Oh well, lots more to share but it'll just have to wait till I'm free (I'm hoping that'll happen atleast the day my brat gets married, if not before!)

Oops! By the way, my son's name is not brat...It Shaurya Singh Aswal. I had pretty much set my heart on Randeep or Ranveer (the rajput in me!) but the moment my husband and I lay our eyes on him, it just HAD to be Shaurya!

God bless and stay good!

Pria Mommy


  1. Finally!!! Welcome Pria!
    Really looking forward to connecting with you here too.

  2. Welcome to Mommy center pria...looking forward to ur experiences with your brat i mean shaurya...by the way where are you put up??

  3. welcome to mommy center pria! hoping to hear a lot of stories from you too! Where are you located? Looking forward to reading your posts!

  4. Welcome Pria! Can't wait to hear more about you and your brat and just about everything you want to share with all of us. Trust me we know how busy it is with these lil kiddos around... so write whenever you can!

    And talking about Dr. Brians Weiss Ive read that book too.. I think its "Only Love Is Real" right? Or perhaps some other book of his that deals with past life. I think his work is wonderful.

  5. Welcome pria..we r waitin to hear more from u..and i agree with u we always get time when our lil brat's sleeping..lovd the name Shaurya..

  6. WARM WELCOME to you Prianca...I like way your name spells..not K but C ..hoping to share and enjoy our experiences as mothers!!



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