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About Mommy Center

Friday, April 30, 2010

How Mom's Can Stay Sane!

Hey Ladies!

I found this interesting read on baby-center.. Of course not all of them may be practically possible... but its worth a try, is it not?


Check it out when you get a couple minutes of free time :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kids Reading List- ideas!

If you're wondering what books you'd want your kids to read, this is a nice link a friend forwarded to me recently, check it out!


Friday, April 9, 2010

Mommy Talk!

I've come to this stage in motherhood, where I think I simply cannot carry on a conversation without mentioning a little something about my son to the person in context, especially if my lil man is around/in the vicinity. It's pretty funny how I can go on and on about how he plays with his blocks in such a dramatic narration that I do not bother if the other person is even interested or not. How moms can get carried away with 'Mommy Talk'!
But, then there is another side of this coin. And that comes into play when the other person involved in the conversation is not a mom or a parent. I've discussed this with many mommy friends and they all agree, that it simply is not the same kind of conversation that we normally would have had pre-baby! Every now and then I hit this void (especially with new contacts) and then the ice-breaker is invariably some new antic that my son would have picked up over the past couple days.
Have I forgotten how to converse 'normally'? Or is this just the way we moms are...I do not know. Do we out-grow this as our little ones grow up? Because I think my mom knows to talk to people without mentioning me. I am pretty darn sure about that! It is probably more common a 'syndrome' among stay-home moms because we are seeing our kids 24/7 and there is really nothing more than we can talk about. I mean, I cannot discuss the number of dishes I washed or what I have cooking in my kitchen with everyone I meet, can I?!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hello Ladies!

Is there anyone out here? I know I myself have not been writing too much out here off-late... but why am I the ONLY one who has been writing here? I understand that with kids growing up it does take up our entire day... but we're here to share just about anything - Not just baby/kid related stuff.

Come on and let us breathe in new life to Mommy Center. Share your latest scoops..even if its just a day out at the park with your little one, or a terrible day at work. Bring on the posts...yet again!

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