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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

There Is A Mountain

This post is a little off-beat, yet a little "on-beat". Why? Well simply because I decided to put up the link to a song that perks me up these days like nothing else. The first time that I saw the video to this song was on Playhouse Disney (yes, its my new hot channel *wink*)...and I instantly fell in love with it. It's for kids, so its obviously so chirpy and hummable. Besides, it makes me forget my blues. Also, the tune has this very mystical feel to it that goes great with the soft music. The lyrics really do not make much sense, but who cares... !

So if you were wondering what kinda title my post has, well its the name of the song. It's sung by singer Kenny Loggins and I think he not only has a great voice but (ahem) looks as good too. Yeah I know he's probably our Dads' age.....but hey, you cannot deny he does look good in this video. Watch it and you'll know what I'm saying. Okay okay, I'll stop at that and allow you to see the video...!!


  1. thats a nice song deepti.. yeah although the lyrics make no sense. :)

  2. saw the video deepti...it is indeed a nice song...made nainika watch it and she liked it too..she made me play the video three times before i logged off my sytem...

  3. Well that was my intention... wanted the kiddos to enjoy it. Samvit is as glued to is as I am. The moment I turn it on.. he runs from wherever he is in the house and comes to me to sit on my lap and watch this song :)


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