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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wonderful memories-"Bundles of Joy"

Thanx Liz and deepti for sharing Ur memories......

See full size image Its always nice to go back and refresh all our memories.Just today my friend (who is from turkey)and i had a discussion about Indian's and marriages and how i got married.It made me so happy just to see those wedding pictures and actually sink in that past feeling.Marriage is so important to all of us and it was important to me too..may be because there was a lot of pressure in my house to get married as soon as i finish my education.So soon after my MCC graduation there were lot of proposals and i hated to get dressed and go stand just like a show piece front of them.So in between i convinced my dad tht i cud study in correspondence.He had to agree coz for some reason my marriage was getting delayed.Then i joined BIT for MCA and also got a job in JNCASR .
Here my life had started to take a new turn when i got a spam email from my husband(vikram).First ignored it..but eventually started chatting and exchaging emails.Then we decided we shud meet and after tht fell in love .It was a huge step for me becoz love is treated as a sin in my house and i didnt want anybody to know abt it.Luckily Vikram was also the same caste(...) so managed to make it look like an arranged marriage.It was dream come ture for me because from the time i met vikram i wanted to be with him for the whole of my life.Then after tht life is moving in full speed.I quit job got married in 2004.Then we went to korea but cud not stay there so came back.Then in 2006 he had got a project in San Diego but i was pregnant with Anish.

So our son "Anish" was born and then came here coz Vikram was already here.So new people new place..all for good..but just waiting to return to the land where we always belonged.


  1. Hey, the way things happened between you and Vikram is pretty similar to our story. Will save that for another post!!

  2. hmm really..so we can discuss in the next post..



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