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Monday, June 22, 2009

Going Down Memory Lane

Ok.. finally getting to sit down and actually do some blogging. After Deepti put a lot of effort into initiating and creating this blog, I think it was time I wrote something! So like Deepti suggested, I thought going down memory lane would be a nice way to start.

The three years that I spent in bangalore was time I know I can never get back. I look back at those times and wish , if only I got it back just to have that same kind of fun we used to have. Offcourse we did have our share of bad grades , trying to figure out what 'rings' are in those math classes and getting yelled at by Lakshmi ma'am for not understanding those statistic theories. But we also had laughs in those classes too. CMS girls remember the word "corresponding" ?! We had so much fun in that CS class just making fun and that word never got out of our heads! Lakshmi ma'am was fun apart from her serious classes and I enjoyed her classes. As far as math is concerned.. I can't remember much(oops)! The ladies can fill me up on those.

After MCC, my parents told me to try and write my GRE exams so that I could have a chance at coming to the US to do my MS . Since the schools here have 4 years of their bachelors, I went to chennai to do a one year course and simultaneously studied for my gre exam. I will never write that exam again!!! Once that was done, I applied to schools here and got into a school in New Jersey for MS in CS. Not that I had this urge to come here.. but took it as a opportunity and decided to come to the US.

So I did my MS here then worked for a year in Atlanta. Got married in 2006 to my dear hubby whom i met in school here. And then we became parents. We have a wonderful son named Jaiden , who is going to turn 2 next month. What can I say about him.. apart from being curious, naughty, tactful, playful, notorious and looks like he is on a caffeine rush all the time.. he is simply adorable. He has a mind of his own that I fail to understand 90% of the time, and has a huuuugge loving heart.

As far as being a mom.. it is a roller coaster ride ( I hate roller coasters)!! From the day he was born till this moment... it is one continuous effort to be that one good parent. The past two years , I must say .. has been such a learning process and still haven't learnt enough. Apart from me screaming my head off to him for not listening or eating when he should , and having "wars" with him.. there are moments of great joy.. in his laughter... when he plays, when he took that first step, when he repeats a word that you just taught him , when suddenly he tries to sing that song that you have been singing to him for a long time and finally when he closes his eyes at the end of the day to only realize that he is an angel (Plus this whole roller coaster ride starts in the morning again)!.

I think I have written too much! ok ladies... that is my memory lane. I hope to read more about all of you and let me congratulate all the moms and to-be moms out there! oh yes...cannot forget the fathers.. Happy Father's Day to the fathers out there !


  1. Great going Liz. Good you started it off. Felt good to know about what you did after college. I dint know you came here for studying and in the process got hitched! It was a nice trip down ur memory lane.

  2. Same here liz..felt good to know about your past.

  3. thanks ladies!! waiting to read about the others!!



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