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Monday, June 29, 2009

When 2 Indians have a French Daughter...

When my daughter arrived into the world 4 weeks ago, we were prepared to expect the unexpected...perhaps she wouldn't look like either of us, maybe she would be competely different as a baby to hubby Srikanth and I...we also did a few silent prayers that she wouldn't inherit our worst features.

But nothing prepared us for this.

My daughter's first and favorite word was - lait. Not 'lai' like a punjabi kuddi or 'le' like a good hindi speaking child - but lait. Clear as crystal. And yes, she did mean 'milk'. She says waah, aaan, uh-uh-uh for different things but when its mealtime, its that one magic word - lait.

I now live in the uncertainty of whether I will be known as 'lait' all my life or if some day she will deign to call me 'mama'...at this point i will even settle for 'amma'(something i never thought i would agree to...but when you're in a corner...well!)..anything but lait. Heaven help us if she decides to study in France. I can just see it now. The 3 of us at a cafe by the Seine, Srikanth orders his cappuccino, Mihika settles on an espresso and then she turns to me and says, 'Lait, what will you have?'.


  1. Guess what, I always told my Mom when Samvit was born, "Mom, why do I feel like a cow?". This explains it all! I see what we are seen as.

  2. that's really cute pallavi! hope u guys having fun!



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