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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Time out, anyone?

I don't know if I am the only one who feels this way? And just thinking that I may be the only one makes me feel like the worst mom on planet earth.

Have there been moments in your life, after baby, that you wanted a break. Just to do NOTHING? To chill and relax. To get some "me" time? I seem to want it every now and then. And, when I do not get it I get even more pissed off with myself. Being a mom is rewarding of course, but taxing and tiring nevertheless. I think we deserve breaks. But sadly we're the ones who are so connected to these lil ones that no one else seems to be able to take care of them as we would. Well, that is why we are their moms!!! But, I am always open to the idea of a few hours of free time. I don't think I can last beyond that ... my mind will start going back to Samvit and how he is and what he is doing if I stay too long from him! But I still want breaks.

Am I the only one feeling this way?? Am I wrong?


  1. UR NOT ALONE!!!!! oh God I feel i need a vacation everyday. So that makes me worse than you deepti!

    i get up in the morning and most of the time i hear whining or something and that itself ticks me off. I need a change everyday i feel. i need to go somewhere or do something.

    The other day my in-laws had come and once jaiden slept in the night , we went for bowling. I tell you.. I never thought of jaiden..except just once. But after that it felt I didn't have a baby because i was relaxed and was having fun! I think it is because you are with them 24/7 that you zone out when you get to do something.Even i keep wondering when i get back home if i am a bad mother.

    I am so much more moody and irritated and angry than i can remember. I know i have to change but it is just soo difficult. I struggle with it everyday.

    So deepti , your not alone. we do need me time, but question is when. if we have good friends around that you meet regularly.. that makes a big difference. Someone to talk to(other than your hubby who doesn't listen anyway) about what is going on.Hoping things will get better as they grow older. But every phase is a challenge. Till they get married..we are not free!!!

  2. TELL ME ABOUT IT! I can relate to everything u say. The worst part is on days I think I will stay up late to enjoy myself after he sleeps, the very next morning he wakes up like at 6am (even on weekends, what does he know!!) and I get cheesed off all over again. Liz, I struggle with it everyday too.. but thankfully I have a neighbor who lives just above our apt and her baby is one month elder so samvit so we meet every noon for about 1/2 hr and "try" to drive away our blues together... yet, once Im back home Im back in my angry, bugged mode until hubby returns. Not like its a big difference. Somedays I prefer being ALONE even without hubby... just so that I wont have another adult in the house to blame for not taking up my daily activities!! I dont blame him, I cant.. because they dont even know the daily rhythm which we share with these kids. Its like we have to instruct them at every step.. and then I am like "Let me JUST do it"!!!!! And Im back feeling bugged again...GOD... Honeslty, I can just go to some corner of a thick jungle and simply sit and forget everything. Just sit!!!

  3. Hmm...so that's what the future holds :)

    Srikanth and I have been making the most of being in Bangalore to do outings on our own every day. feels good to get away even now, can imagine what it must be like after a few years of doing this!

    Once we're back in Mumbai its gonna be baby -> work + baby -> baby am guessing!

  4. Dont know if i am better off or no. I work during the day, which means the minute I get home Kyra does not leave my side. Thankfully I have a wonderful help at home and she manages to keep Kyra away for a some time, while i prepare dinner and other household chores.
    would love to fit in some much needed exercise into my day....but when!!??
    Hoping things change soon!!!

  5. Komal,Pallavi.. Im guessing it will be a lot easier on you guys as ur lil ones grow considering you do get domestic help back home to help with atleast some of the chores... down here, being a full time mom cum home maker cum just about "everything housekeeping", its just too hard and sometimes frustrating. I may be wrong saying so, but I always think moms who go to work get a short respite from baby at work.. and thsu saving you guys from mommy-burnout. I may be wrong.. cuz work in itself has its pressures, but its still some time off!!

  6. i work from home - same company as before :P so donno how that will change things for mois :)

  7. Hmmm, then that's a toughie. Tough, but not impossible! Sathya works from home a lot out here and manages home, work and baby. Id say u moms who do that (work from home) have a lot more to handle!!


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