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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mission Possible... indeed!

Just before I chatted with Deepti today about my frustrations on being a mom.. I had a high point in the day. Jaiden went first time potty today in the bathroom! In the two years of being a mom... I have never felt such great joy!! (sounds weird but true!) I literally felt I made an accomplishment as a parent.

Potty training is something I actually dread. Yes pampers are expensive, and that would save us some more money if our kids were potty trained early. I started training Jaiden around the same age as Samvit. I don't remember Jaiden crying when he sat on the seat.. but he never did the job. He wanted to get off the seat or play with the things in the bathroom and never would listen to what I was saying. there were times he got frustrated and then I decided ...ok he isn't ready. I did read somewhere.. I think it was babycenter.com that if your child shows discomfort or starts to cry and refuse to sit.. just let him go and stop the process of training for a couple of days and then start again. It could mean stopping for 1 week or 2 weeks or even more. Which is what I did. I stopped training him after the first couple of trials and i think didn't start again after couple of months. Again same issue and stopped again. One thing you don't want is your child to get scared of the potty. So moms... try not to yell and this is where we really need to be patient. The last thing you want is your child to be scared of the potty and not go at all and literally "shit in his/her pants". So take it easy and step by step. It is i think one of the most difficult tasks to do which is why i dread it!

Sooo now Jaiden is almost 2. and i need to get him trained. I have heard there are kids who get ready only by 3. That is disappointing to most of us, but the way i look at it is.. at 3..they understand more. So a 2 year old who takes 5-6 months to be trained .. a 3 year old might take just a couple of weeks. 3 is really late.. but if your kid isn't ready.. he isn't. Cant go beyond 3 though. Anyway I started with Jaiden again yesterday. so i put him there... sat with him for almost 20 minutes.. and nothing happened. So then i decided to get a diaper and when i came back to the bathroom ...he was peeing in the potty! I was thrilled. none of us expected it but I guess it just happened. So i congratulated him.. did a cheer and everything and the minute i put on his diaper .. he pooped ! So anyway i kept telling him.. no poopy in diaper. I went to this website http://www.pull-upspottyproject.com/ and just showed him and was trying to explain ok this is how you should do it. I don't think he wanted to listen.. so after a point he got bugged.

Today i did the same thing in the morning. After he ate i put him on the seat.. nothing happened. He was pretty reluctant today. and I tried again again after he had his lunch and we sat there for 15 minutes.. singing..playing with his toys..and in between telling him... " you have to poop in the bathroom. And then suddenly, it happened. We both looked at each other and i went yeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! good job jaiden!!!! and then he went again... and i kept cheering and cheering till he finished! You should have seen the look on his face! He was sooo thrilled!!! I don't know if he understood... but i kept cheering and saying what a good job he has done and that made him so happy!

So we were happy today!! I don't know if the same thing is going to happen tomorrow... but atleast now he kind of knows how it feels to not go on his diaper. But i will keep trying. So deepti don't worry.. if samvit hates it now. if you have tried for some days...give him a break. start again next week.. and put him on the seat when you know he might go. I don't have any major tricks up my sleeve but I try to make jaiden sit there as long as he can (20 minutes). i think beyond that will be too frustrating.

So that's my story. Again.. Jaiden is not potty trained. It just happened that he went today. Not sure how it will go tomorrow.. but its a start!


  1. Liz, he did it on the potty in 2 days??? That is AWESOME!! WHich means he is getting the idea.

  2. Hey Liz and Deepti,

    I am no expert in this and neither do I have any great experience on the said subject. But would like to share my experience with Kyra.

    She has a fixed schedule for her toilet needs. When she was much smaller we would take her every 40 mins to the toilet and she would pee there. Now the time varies on if she has just fed some water then the frequency is higher. Also imd after she wakes up after a nap, we take her she pee's in the toilet.

    As far as the big job is concerned. She does the same first thing in the morning when she wakes up. And at other times in the day, she makes herself motionless which is an indication of incoming pressure. That ways she does her potty in the toilet.

    My hope is, that this would make her understand that to pee and poo we have to go to the toilet. Lets see if I succeed at it!!!!

  3. Deepti, that day was just my luck. he didnt go after that. Komal that is excellent.. Kyra seems to be potty trained from the way you have described it. so when did you start training her?

  4. Oh we started training her the day she came home from the hospital. She is not 100% toilet trained as yet. The onus is on us, to take her in time to the loo. But she does understand the concept of going to the loo to pee. Cause when we take her when she doesn't want to, she will just straighten up.



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