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Friday, June 26, 2009

Sleep on it....ho payega?

Getting a good night’s sleep can actually help you solve problems (and you thought “sleep on it” was just an expression). But the key is to get a good night's rest.....ah how I wish that was possible!!!!

The first few months when Kyra was born, was blissful. I was so happy about the fact that she would sleep 6-7 hrs at the stretch in the night and wake up just once for a feed. I would keep bragging to everyone whoever bothered to listen, about well behaved Kyra was and how she does not trouble her mother at all.

Well now she is more than making up for that. She is 7.5 months now and insists on waking up multiple times now. Everyone told us, that training her to sleep thru the night is a 3/4 day and sometimes at max a 10/12 day procedure. But now it is close to a month since we have been trying to make her sleep thru the night. I would put her to bed every night with a silent prayer, but all those have been unanswered so far. She now wakes up every 1.5 to 2 hrs to try her luck at getting some milk, needless to say that I wont give in to the demand. And would pat her back to sleep, only to be woken up again what seems like 10 mins. The very fact that she goes back to sleep when patted back, shows that she aint hungry and just wakes up out of habbit. I also make sure she goes to bed with a full stomach, enough to last her for atleast 6-7 hrs.

Most books and websites say that the baby would wake up for reassurance....but that aint the case for Kyra. She co-sleeps with my hubby and me on our bed. Thats project no. 3 - putting her to sleep on her own bed.

Read somewhere, that lack of sleep leads to weight gain....no wonder my trousers are a bit snug and the lazy ass that i am would not excercise and just wait and pray for a miracle to happen ;)

All you experienced mothers, please help with suggestiong, tricks to help Kyra sleep thru the night. Have loads of projects (2 and 3) lined up after the completion of this one. Wonder when that's going to happen though


  1. hey komal..
    I can imagine your frustration. I dont remember Jaiden getting up every 2 hours at Kyra's age.. but he used to for milk in between until i think about 9 months which is when i stopped breastfeeding him. he sleeps very well now but still gets up once in the night to come and sleep with us. I have a friend who did have the same problem as you are having now and i think in time her child slept through the night.

    Does Kyra sleep a lot or for long periods in the mornings? If she does.. try to occupy her so that she doesnt get that much sleep in the mornings. Take her out to play(I am sure you do). i found that jaiden sleeps more soundly when he goes out for even a small walk(more activity makes them tired at the end of the day).

    If you keep her with you to sleep during the night.. does she sleep throughout? If she does then it means she is just comfortable sleeping with you guys and it is just a matter of sleeping in her own bed.try putting her to sleep first with you and then once she is sleeping.. put her in her own bed.

    As they grow older.. their morning naps would reduce which increases their sleep time in the night. it was like that with Jaiden. He still doesnt sleep continuously in his bed. and we havent tried it either because he sleeps a good 6 hours in the crib.that itself is a miracle!!

    Not getting enough calories to last her through the night also might be a possible reason. but if she doesnt demand food.. then like you said it is a habit. So try getting her to be really active and reducing her sleeps in the morning.I am sure in a month or two or even sooner she should be able to sleep for more hours.

  2. hey komal..
    kyra looks soo adorable.
    Hey until to stop breastfeeding her she is goin to get up every 2-3 hrs and just like u said for reassurance.
    I had a tough time till Anish was 1yr and 1mnth..but once i stopped breastfeeding he just got up once in the night compared to 3-4times.That continued until he was comfortable without a wet diaper.But after night time training(potty) he sleeps very well thru the night.

    Kids at Kyra's age have to sleep atleast 2 times in the day and can also sleep thru the night..

    Also try what Liz said..try to keep her occupied in the day so she can sleep better in the night.

  3. and yes of course as deepti said dont stop breastfeeding her coz of this..

  4. Thank so much Liz, Ramya and Deepti.

    Guess I wasnt clear about the sleeping part - Kyra co-sleeps with Saumil and me on our bed...meaning she sleeps between us at night. Project 3 that I was refering to was to make her sleep on her own bed in our room itself.

    Kyra doesnt sleep much in the day. So that clearly is not the reason she wakes up at night. And Deepti wow sleeping 2-2.5 hrs in the afternoon, dont remember Kyra ever doing that. She does nap around 3-4 times a day. The afternoon being the longest max of an hour (if I am lucky). The rest are just 20-30 mins.
    The thing is she is a very light sleeper (thanks to my genes) and the lightest of noise or movement would waken her up. I travel with her from my house to my mom's house in the morning ang back again in the evening. She falls asleep in her car seat and then the minute she is picked up from it, she is up again. That is not the case currently, cause Saumil is travelling and I am in mom's house, but still her sleep pattern remains the same.

    Speaking of routine...oh she follows a routine to the E. I feed her a multi grain porridge at around 7:30 and then she has milk at 10-10:30.

    Babies are medically required and able to sleep thru the night without a feed from the age 3 months and at max 6 months. Thats why I began the project of training her to do that since a month now. She is taking longer than everyone had warned me about to get used to sleeping well.

    As they say Umed pe duniya teke hai....hoping the light at the end of the tunnel is real soon.

  5. Yup, every kid is different with regards to diff. things. Can you believe Samvit is nearing 1.5 yrs and still is not walkng on his own? He holds and walks but is SO SCARED to let go. So each kid has their own ways. I think we shud let them be. Things will fall in place. Dont worry, esp. since you are working towards having her get a good nights sleep... they key to it is persistance and patience.

  6. yeah, i agree with what deepti says.. every kid is different. and between children in the same family , they are different.

    If she sleeps comfortably with both of you, then it is a habit which most kids have at this age. They feel very snug and warm when they sleep with you. Is her bed a big bed? try to make it comfortable with pillows around her just to give her the idea that someone is next to her. And when she naps in the morning.. put her on her bed. Things should change when she sleeps less during the day.

  7. Wow! so much discussion and and I feel im ages behind in the topic...May be i should add this..when shreyas was young(and even now) as kyra is now...he could really sense(smell) my presence next to him even though he would be in deep sleep.. if i wake up at night to visit the rest room he would sense my absence and wake up with eyes wide open!! Then my aunt told me to leave a dress of mine next to him so that he is assured by the smell from it of my presence..next to him..Olah!! it worked!!

    all said...its up to the child how they adapt and adopt things we do to them...Patience and perserverence along with consistency...goes a long way.

    Key is to keep trying and never to give up...this helps in their growing years as well. Kids these days are very smart and can make us do things their way...so if we(both mom and dad) stick to one thing (whatever we want them to do) they eventually give up...knowing very well that mom/dad are not going to change...TRUST ME...

    Now that i have said enough of this..need to add some pages on the journey from College to motherhood..and catch up with all of you...

    Take Care,
    Love to all the kiddos!


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