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Friday, June 26, 2009

Mission Accomplished!

Mom's who have passed this phase knows better i guess..its just not a shitty topic but a big achievement in every parents life.
Hmm i have gone thru much exactly the same as Deepti and Liz are going thru..but ladies don't worry..just think that one day our kids are eventually going to do it..everybody has done and so will our children..this was said by my husband when we were thinking of potty training Anish.And he also said that imagine Anish is 10yrs old..u think hes never gonna be trained..its all in their mind..they just need to understand the concept better.My friend said to me once that all the world starts and ends with the 2yr old..they think tht way..and ladies i have to tell you one funny thing.." The poop is considered very special/important to the kids".they think that some part of the body is just flowing out. so give them all the time that they need..but never stop trying.
First of all we mom's have to relax..make them understand that pee/poop shud be done in the Toilets..if we are rushing then its going to be more hard..

we started training anish when he was 18 mnths old..mainly coz of my mom..she kept telling me that in india all kids of his age uses the toilets.so i had a pressure.we had got him a nice elmo potty training kit..and told him to pee in that..oh god..it was so so difficult..so i just left it for days in the bathroom..then one day Anish all by himself peed in potty.."yeeee" oh that was such a happy moment we sang..and we cheered him and offered him his fav snack..(tht was a mistake..) haaa...from the next day he did it 10 times and asked me for his snack..god i used to be tired cleaning his potty chair..then he was not ready to wear diapers all the time so his training pants were on..he did have accidents some times on the carpet but eventually understood till he was comfortable to come and ask me to remove his pants.

Then we thought that training for poop will be easier,..but NO it was harder than we thought..he was asking diaper only when he had to poop..he used to get it..all by himself just to poop..oh such a waste i used to think..(Diapers are expensive...)then he took almost 2-4 mnths to get trained for poop..

Hard isn't it...

Now anish is 21/2 yrs old and comfortably doin "Everything" in the BIG Potty.. :-)

ok Ladies..some tips

1) Don't get too stressed they are going to do it..some are early some are late..( all kids are different)

2)Let them understand the words first...that u relate them with pee/poop..

3)Keep trying step by step..
First start with a small potty chair..they shud go and sit by themselves comfortably..
Then slowly move on to the big one..

4)If they r not ready just leave them for 2-3 weeks..start again fresh

5) Tell them that pappa mummy everybody uses the potty and they are soo happy doing it there.(as rewards u can give them vitamin gummies)

6)when they talk its more easy..they can understand better...

7)After they poop in diaper just put the poop in the toilet and ask them to flush..(i did that with anish)
Flushing is very important..some kids are reluctant to flush..i have heard..

8)If nothing works..u shud start taking them with u to the restrooms..(sound yukky....but every ones done it)

After this another important step.."Night time training(in Bed)." we can discuss this in the next posts..

Hope this was helpful.."Happy potty training"All the best


  1. hey ramya!

    good to hear about how dealt with potty training. I started with Jaiden 2 days back. yesterday somehow he did the job. But today again he is back to square one. I put him directly on the big potty with his seat. he seems to be sitting there for a while but nothing happens. well hopefully he should get the idea soon!

  2. hmm they will liz.. its just time..and understanding.And dont force him if he's not ready.i have frnd's in school with kids turned 3 and yet potty trained..

  3. Ladies... THANKS!!! I'm back in the game. For now, I decide to just keep the potty in the hall and make him get "pally" with it :) How is that for starters? hehe.



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