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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mission Possible?

You guessed it. I am at the first chapter in this new venture - Potty Training!! Sorry for starting off our discussions with such a "shitty" topic, but, face it.... We're all going to get there some day!

Samvit is turning one and a half soon, and I thought I have had enough of diapers. Sometimes, I think it's so much better in India where they limit the use of diapers to a great extent. So, potty training just happens as an outcome of not using diapers. Out here, its like a life saver for stay-home moms (and not to mention cook, dhobi, cleaner, playmate, wife, etc. - all rolled into one). I personally think its a boon. Had there been no diapers, there would be no Deepti by now. Haha, look until what point we get in this parenting ride.

Anyway, all said and done. I decided I should start. I bought training pants and a soft potty seat (and said a silent prayer as I paid the bill for these things hoping that things will move smoothly). Boy, was I wrong!!! But, I guess its way to early to comment since I have just begun the "process". So, this afternoon I put the potty on our toilet seat and made my little man sit. And, the next instant there were wails and screams as if I had thrown him into the mouth of some sort of a blood...er, butt eating... dragon. So I simply took him off the seat and stashed him back in a fresh diaper and flushed away my hopes.

What do I want? A potty trained Samvit. That's what I want!! I'm looking for tips, tricks (and rewards) if you mommies please. Share your ideas (and success stories!!) and help me get this chapter over and done with.

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  1. Hey all... Samvit pooped in his potty for the first time yesterday. Thought I should share it with you all.. Its still a hit or miss case with everything potty... but atleast I think this is indeed the beginning of the end of diapers!!


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