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Saturday, June 27, 2009

On a seperate note

Hey Guys,

Thought would write about something non-mommy related for a change today. After all we do have other roles to play than being a mom.

Its been 13 years since I left Sophia's - where I studied till that 10th. Long time.....makes me feel very old......but then oh yes I am old:(
Today some batch mates from my school got together to remember good ol times. And boy was it fun! I really pity all those people who had come to the restaurant to have a quiet lunch - we were one boisterous bunch of super excited gals. Spent the afternoon remembering all the things we did in school and the names we gave our teachers, the pranks we played and ofcourse bitching about some of our snotty class mates (bitching is our birth right as girls.......aint it?). All in all a very well spent day.

Why am I boring you with all this details? Well cause I thought it would be really nice to catch up with all of you too. I know we are all in various parts of the world. But we could organise something when you travel back to Bangalore and try and get as many people as possible....right! I mean where there is a will there is a way.

Hope that happens soon!!!!!



  1. Good thot Komal. Very rightly said about im-not-only-a-mom part! We have so much more to offer to ourselves if not others. And for starters, we are a bunch of fun loving girls too!

    Yes we should try and see if a re-union is possible.. whenever it is and however we can. I still remember a couple of us sitting at BBC (that's Basket Ball Court for those of you who want a memeory refresher) and talking about meeting few years after graduation with our hubbies/children...and tht time is already here!!!

  2. let's do this for sure! btw how many of us are in Bangalore at the moment...we cld so smthing soon...:)

  3. There is you, rose, bhoomika, nimisha and me - thats all i am aware of

  4. hey guess what? my daughter too goes to Sophia's..... she is just in prep..... wearing that lovely uniform................ count me in as a banglorean...

  5. Hey I didnt know you in Bangalore!!!
    A very good friend of mine (class mate from Sophia's) daughter - Suhani is in Sophia's too.


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