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Friday, June 26, 2009

Sleep glorious sleep!

Komal, this one is for you!

Don't fret. I think both Liz and Ramya have given you good pointers. As of now how many naps does Kyra (she loooks adorable in that pic btw) take during the day? At her age Samvit used to take about 3 naps. One mid morning (arnd 10am) for about 1/2 to 1 hr. Then at noon for about 2/2.5(around 2pm) hours and then another 1/2 hr (around 7pm). But like Liz said the naps drop down slowly. By 10/12 months the eve nap went off.

As of now he still has two naps. One in the morning, which I know he wont really need ... but I make him sleep so that he will have his food on time. So every morning (around 11/11:30 after a good warm bath) he sleeps for about half and hour and then I wake him up. That is because if I let him sleep mid morn then he will be up all day and then sleep in the evening which ruins his night sleep. So I wake him up in like 1/2 hr and then he sleeps again at noon for a good 2-3 hrs. The key here is like Liz said.. keeping then active and waking them up if required. Yes, it may sound horrible, esp. when you see them sleeping so soundly. But, that is the only other thing you can do to adjust their sleep patterns.
Also, try to keep her on a routine/schedule. Babies like schedules apparently. Over time, try to see how long she can stay up without feeling tired so you can adjust naps such that she wont sleep in the evening after 6/7pm and then make her play then.
Allow her to sleep for a while in the morning. Then let her eat lunch and play with her for a while (you or anyone else can do that), just so that she gets tired and takes a good long nap at noon. Then she can have here evening milk and keep her up. Its VERY TOUGH. I know it because many people told me the same thing (to not let him sleep in the evenings) but its nearly impossible. But eventually they get into the grove.
Apart from this, I wanted to know if you are putting her in her bed? As in, have you done it anytime? I think she is still small to sleep alone. More so because she is used to sleeping with you. Its different if we put them separately right from the start (which we cannot imagine doing!!) Perhaps she woke up sometime in her bed and did not find you around and so from then on she feels she has to keep waking up to make sure you are there. (And yes until ur breastfeeding they do wake up a bit, but dont stop for that sake.. its no reason to stop!!). Don't worry too much about having her sleep separately. Most kids want their folks around them at night..and that will only ensure their feeling of safety. If you try putting them to sleep separately too early, they might develop a fear of insecurity and lose trust. I dont think any of our parents put us separate for a long time. But we all eventually did sleep on our own. I think once they start preschool/school they being sleeping at a particular time and waking up on time. That is when we can make them sleep on their own by telling them "See u need to sleep now, so you can go play at playschool/KG tomrrow with your friends". (I'm talking like I know it all...haha)
Phew, that is another task...schooling!!!!!
Lastly, try giving her a soothing bath at night. I know its a lot of work, bathing these babies. But may be it will calm her down. Then give her milk and put her to sleep.
I hope something works out! All the best.

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  1. getting our children to follow routine..... well it is going to be a good try..... but trust me,...... todays kids have their own opinion and thoughts.... from my experience.... I am stict about brushing teeth before going to bed.... my gal is 4 yrs old and trust me ...every night there is a mahabharat at home..... she will not brush and I will not let her sleep without brushing......so ... u can imagine with me loosing patience at the end of the day...........



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