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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mommies Day Out

For a very long time Neha(my neighbor) and me wanted to go out together. More for some time outdoors with kids than for anything else. And thankfully for us, we both seem to like similar cuisines and interests. So, finally this week we decided we ARE going. Because once winter shows up its going to be harder than ever to bundle up our little brats and take them out.

Today was our first outing together with the kids. We thought its a good idea to celebrate our two-year friendship. Tee hee....Anyway, that being said, the one thing that we were worried about was how the kids would deal with the whole idea. We gave it our best shot and hit the road. We'd decided to go to TGIF. Im glad we did because I do not remember how long it has been since I last went out for a solid three hours with a friend. And, the good part is both the brats had woken up late in the morning which left us with a good chunk of time to relish our meal, chat and simply hang out! We totally enjoyed ourselves and so did the kids (playing with menu cards, cutlery, cups and not to mention entertaining neighboring guests with their wild screams after their little tummies were full). While we enjoyed our delicious entrees the kids enjoyed themselves and later we (I did!!) gorged down an entire plate of heavenly, sinful dessert.

Sometimes, I guess all we stay-home moms need is some fresh air for ourselves and a little place for our energy-powerhouses to throw themselves around. So those of you who feel that frustration rising up ur brain making you think you will burst any minute, take some time, pull someone along and head outdoors.. even if its just for half an hour - it does miracles!

As of now, if there is anything I regret about this whole event its the number of hours I will have to exercise having pigged out at the restaurant!

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