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Monday, August 31, 2009

BitterSweet thoughts

Its Still so fresh in my mind holding nainika rolled into a pink blanket when she was just born...pink cheeks, red lips, big eyes with long eyelashes and black smooth hair looking at everyone around her..wish she still looked the same.

Be it a day old or just few months old she used to be just right for my lap while putting her to sleep or while traveling..and those days i used to wait when will she start to rollback, to crawl, and start walking..Now that she's achieved all the milestones, I am waiting when will she start speaking..though she utters few words,i am waiting to hear more from her..the list is never ending i guess.I know as a mom, my expectations are always more from our babies.

I used to love dressing her up after bath, but initially i was so scared to give her a massage/bath alone and not to forget putting her to sleep-It was a terror for me( she was very poor sleeper then), But now I still want her to be a small innocent doll, whom i have bathe, feed, putting her to sleep and even play with her..As she grows older i am surely gonna miss all these things so badly
On one hand i want her to grow up and learn new things everyday, at the same time i don't want her to grow up so fast also having to go to school, then face exams and grades etc etc..and of course having to face the other hurdles in life..
I am happy seeing her not fitting into my lap anymore and growing up, but wish that she still remains a little innocent doll..coming up to me for everything.

I want to know have you ever felt like this? Have these thoughts ever crossed your mind? I hope it is a normal feeling every mom goes through at one point in her life..
Please share your experiences or rather thoughts....


  1. Smitha... It is PERFECTLY normal..And it hits you like a bullet in the head right after they cross their first year. Suddenly your little baby is all grown up... and we all feel the same.

    I for one, would feel horrible replacing old, tighter/smaller sized clothed with bigger ones..and was getting emotionally attached to every thing he used back as a baby(his first tiny comb, blanket, feeding bottle, to name VERY few) I still do love it all and miss it! But as they grow there is so much more to give and take between a parent and a child.. which is why I think its the most sacred bond in this Universe!!

  2. Hi Smitha,

    Krish is 2 months now & I already miss his new born days:). So, I can imagine how you must be feeling!

  3. reading blog after many days,..was a bit emotional on the part of anish going to preschool.
    hey i agree with u smiths..i think we all do miss the tender ages of our kids.I still miss anish sleeping on my lap after a nice warm bath..i used to just sit and look at him..coz he still did not know how to escape ;-) but now..

  4. Smitha, I can totally relate to you! Maanya is just 4 months old, and I already feel she's grown so much! I wish I could just pause time and take in every moment...



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