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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Social Misbehaviour - How much is too much?

How do you decide when to push the 'Stop' button when your little one goes outta whack in public areas? What do you do if there is nothing that you can do about it but simply act like you are bothered by interfering in your child's bad activity trying to stop him/her to show on-lookers that you are concerned? When your child hits the high pitch screeching because you are stopping him/her - then what?!?

I faced a situation like this with my growing toddler. He's not much of a walker yet but that has not limited his activities. Just the other day we had been to see a doctor. My husband was ill and I drove him (and my boy, of course!) to the doctor's clinic. Sonny boy and me and to sit outside in the waiting room while my hubby went inside to get checked up. Thankfully there was only one lady in the waiting room apart from us. There was this huge heap of magazines that lay on the tables beside the chairs that we sat on. For the first few minutes my lil brat sat quietly. Once he seemed satiated with all that he saw he simply had to get down and do his 'thing'.

His first target was the magazines - the only thing he could reach easily. At first he was simply pointing images on it and I kept telling him what it was. Car, sky, baby... this went on for a few minutes - and then it came. And it came like a storm.... One loud rrrrrrrrrrrip sound!!! And all I could do was try to yank my boy away from that table. But another louder sound overpowered the one that just took place... a LOUD scream. I did not know what in the blue blazes I was to do. I picked him up as he fidgeted around with his limbs flying all over the place... and I tried to distract him.. but NO! He fought his way back down and went straight back to that stack... If there was anything I wanted, it was for my hubby to get out fast!! But just as everything else, even this wish of mine took a little longer to get fulfilled. By the end of the whole visit, one mag was totally crushed and torn. I had a good mind of taking it away *hush hush*. But, what if they had some sorta detectors or something- I mean, you never know!?!?! So I 'flattened' the mag as much as I could and placed it at the bottom of the pile and walked out like nothing happened.

Has something like this happened with you? What did you do?


  1. i am actually finding it sooo cute deepti..but i know what goes through the person who is managing the Lil one in such situations..u guessed it right..yeah even i went through similar situation..

    once we had been to his(sumeet's) aunts place for dinner and there nainika just wanted to get out of my lap to run around the place (this was a month back) to check out their place..god i never knew kids would be stronger than us at such times..it was becoming impossible to hold her back..just then his aunt was like " let her play, leave her down" and there goes by baby trying to examine the things around..this went on for a while and then came the boom...she just touched the flower vase that was placed in some corner and it actually broke and i was like so embarrassed didn't know what to say..pulled her to me and told her " what did u do, u broke their thing" her expression i still remember was soo cute and mischievous..she started smiling at them..
    luckily his aunt told me never mind..if kids don't do who will do...i was still feeling bad about the incident and then she revealed the truth that the vase was already broken and they had just placed it in such a way that it looks fine ( as it was one of her favorite things)...

    Thank god i stopped feeling bad about the incident and swore never to leave my baby when somebody tells me "leave her down"...

  2. OMG! Smitha.. you knwo what.. I face the exact same situation when Samvit was around Nainika's age. Only thing it was at a friend's place.. and when the vase broke.. and I told her I feel guilty and all that.. she said "Oh dont worry its alreayd broken..and its only $1!"... hahahah! I wanted to ask her if she'd have felt horrible had it been more expensive. Its cute yes, but when do we jam the brakes?? They are young now and do not understand.. but when they do.. phew!!



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