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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hospital Bag List for Mommies-to-be

Here's my hospital bag list, I did a ton of searching online before deciding what I would need. If this can save some of you the hunting, great!

I used everything, some during labor and many afterwards in the room over the week of the stay at hospital. Prepare to stay a week just in case you end up having a C-sec or if your baby needs special care for some reason and your stay gets extended.

Hospital Bag - essentials are in red :

  • Your medical reports file/scans etc. - will be needed if there is an emergency or if u have a c-sec + to help make decisions even for a normal birth

  • Watch with seconds hand to time contractions

  • Water sipper

  • Pack of orange juice or any juice small tetra pack-this was SUCH a lifesaver after all the labor just before i had to push. really helps energize.

  • Shawl and socks - u will feel extremely cold right after transition before the rest phase/pushing

  • Comfy nighties/pyjama suits

  • Bathrobes/dressing gowns(for when no visitors are there, this was super useful. esp after u come out of the bath and are tired n wanna just sit n change outside in the room)

  • Tons of undies, some which you dont mind chucking if u hafta

  • Disposable breast pads - carry enough for a week's stay just in case. I took a pack of 50.

  • Bathroom slippers to wear in the room/bathroom

  • Wet tissues and hand sanitizer for visitors for the baby to clean up before holding baby. Especially relevant now with swine flu.

  • Outfits for baby, baby powder-shampoo-soap-oil for nurse to bathe him/her

  • Cotton squares(buy a roll and chop squares, most economical for at home use) to wipe baby butt! But for hospital i found the disposable baby diaper wipes best. johnsons or himalaya both are fine. u may need 2 big packs at least for a 5 day stay cos u are not yet a pro diaper changer and will waste plenty(and baby will poop like crazy!)!!

  • Disposable diapers for the baby. we found pampers were the airiest. baby was happiest in them u see wht works fr u guys :) our mantra fr the hospital was 'everything disposable'. saves a lot of hassle.

  • Magazines, music, board games for pre delivery in case u have a long wait and are on epidural

  • Clip to hold your hair backsmall towels and tissues to wipe face if needed

  • Cellphone n charger, this was handy to let everyone know when baby arrived + to trace down daddy-to-be if he is away from the room :)

  • Laptop with datacard if u wanna stay connected after birth. rt after birth u will get this energy spurt next day and may wanna tell the whole world! dont overdo it on this day though...

  • Some cookies/light biscuits in case hospital doesnt allow a meal before delivery

  • Chewing gum, mints and deo/perfume if you have a long labor and don't wanna smell like something that cat dragged in!

  • 1 pack of super heavy sanit. pads for after birth(hospital may supply these, check)

  • Cosmetics - ur fave shampoo/soap/lip balm/moisturizer/compact/deo/perfume - u may feel like pampering urself after the birth, and may not like the hospital's selection!

  • Hairdryer so u look nice in pics!

  • Swaddle cloths for baby - 1mX1m made of super fine soft white cotton like u get in premium mundus/lungis. babies need this to feel secure fr at least 3-4 weeks after birth

  • Camera!

  • Toilet rolls - very useful for anything!


  1. That's a good bit of effort you've put in to list out all of this Pallavi. Im sure to-be-mommies will appreciate it a lot!


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