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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Childhood is Calling - Yet Again!

Its been a while since I blogged. Sorry if I did not answer any mails/messages because I was way too busy enjoying life and re-living my childhood through my little brat.

Like I mentioned Samvit plays often with Neha's son, Darsh. Not too long ago we mommies and the kids were at the park. They usually play on the swing... but one day we decided to sit on the see-saw! After, we got onto it, it suddenly occurred to me that I did not remember the last time I had sat on one. And to make things seem "weirder" I was actually enjoying myself. I felt like a kid all over again.

Just the other day I handed Samvit a couple of crayons and paper and he gaped at me with this look that meant, "Now what?". Then as if to teach him some art, I drew out a cat, house, etc. And he still looked as blank as he did the minute before. Then I tightened my grip on the crayon and scribbled my heart out and smiled. The next thing I know my baby was chuckling away and joined in to scribble with me. Well I guess the easiest way to teach them is to get down to their level... and boy, did we have a hearty laugh together. Life is so good!!!


  1. Thats absolutely true deeps...sometimes even i sit on the swings carrying her and relive the childhood days.. even my baby does the same with crayons..loves to scribble i guess keeps asking for more...

  2. When my daughter and I watch the 'Sound of Music'... when we sit down together to learn those lyrics ... I go through it a lot ... and i get better at it every day!

    There is a metal sculpture in Mumbai which says 'The child give birth to a mother'. Nothing can be more true! Just felt like sharing!

  3. Very true Lekshmi... in fact I think there is a by-line of one of the maternity hospitals in Bangalore which reads - "Where mothers are born!" Motherhood is a journey of self discovery and a chance to relive our childhood again... we shud treasure every bit of it.


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