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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Birth Stories: Predictable yet Unpredictable!

I simply love the story of how Jaiden was born into this world. To begin with, Binoy and I never imagined that we would be parents by our first wedding aniversary! Yes guys.. we had a perfect plan in our heads.. marriage, I find a job and then hopefully buy a house and in 2 years after our marriage we would think of a baby. but HEY! God had other plans for us!!

I used to pray that I should get a job before we start a family because then we could settle down better and then provide better for our little one. God definitely answered my prayer about finding a job and having the baby.. offcourse the settling part couldn't happen. While I was going through interviews and job hunting, I was offered a position in a company and a day later I accepted the offer, we found out that we were expecting.

My pregnancy had only one major problem.. well two.. a terrible back pain and adjusting to a new job. I started having terrible back pains even before we knew we were expecting and had it till the last minute. I had sciatica which made it painful to walk more than 15 minutes, to sleep at night or even stand under the shower for more than 10 minutes. and as the baby grew , it just kept getting worse as the uterus kept pinching my nerve at the back. As far as my new job.. just sucked!

In the midst of all this, we decided to move to Maryland because Binoy got another job offer and a month before Jaiden was born , we made our major move.

In my 3rd trimester, we found out that the baby was breach and the doctor told us that there could be a chance of c-section. But she also told us that the baby is likely to turn around as it gets closer. Well our little fella just didn't want to sit upside down. He was breach through the end and the doctor told us that we could decide on a date to schedule the c-section.

We were given couple of days to choose our date to schedule the c-section and finally came up with July 18th. My due date was 22nd and so we decided to have it a couple of days before so that Binoy's parents (who live in ny) could come and be there with us when we went in for the procedure.I was kind of upset for the fact that we had to decide on a birthday for our little one.. but hey.. couldn't do much about it because he was breach. And I also thought to myself.. would never know how it would feel to have actual labor pains.

D-day: My parents had come down from India 2 weeks before for the big event and Binoy's parents had come down from NY the evening before. The c-section was schedule on 18th at 12:00 noon. We were happy that our little one had all the grandparents around when he/she arrived. So after dinner was all done , and chit chatting with everyone, decided to get a good night's rest and be prepared for the surgery next day. We slept late that night, after receiving calls from friends and family wishing us all the best.

So we get to bed around 12 , saying a prayer that everything should be fine and go well. As usual I woke up around 2 to go to the bathroom (how many times we have to go to the bathroom in a day!!!) and I noticed something red in my urine and realized that the mucus plug was expelled. So I went back to bed and told Binoy what I saw and we were told that it could take hours or even days for actual delivery to happen once the mucus plug is out. So we didn't take it much seriously and we thought..ok lets get back to sleep and call the doctor in the morning. A couple of seconds later I suddenly feel POP!! I was like ..whatz going on??!!! and suddenly felt this huge gush of water coming out and realized my water broke! Then I started getting a little nervous. Binoy woke up everyone and by the time he came to the room.. I started to bleed and I started going into labor. ooooooooooooooooo the paaaaaiiiiiinnnn.... (yeah just when i thought ..how labor pains would feel..there i go into labor!).

My contractions were pretty hard and we called the doctor and she told us to get to the hospital as fast as we can. The hospital is only 10 minutes from our home and with it being 2 am in the morning , you could reach even faster!! But I tell you ladies... those 10 minutes were the longest 10 minutes in the car. I just had such bad pains that I couldn't wait anymore!!

Got to the hospital and the nurse checked and found out that I was dilated already 5 cm and I was dilating fast. 10 minutes later , the doctor came and I was already 8cm. She said the baby's feet was sticking out and that we should go in for an emergency c-section.So they took me in for c-section and Jaiden was born at 4:04 am. Although I couldn't hold him then, it was the most beautiful moment ever. We were parents with a beautiful child.

And why I love this story is because, we were scheduled to have the c-section on that day , only 8 hours later.. but he decided to come in his own time on the same day that we decided to have him come into this world. We predicted his birth , but happened with unpredictable events!!


  1. I guess that's why they call it the miracle of life! No matter how much we plan for stuff, babies will arrive how they want and when they want :)

    That's quite a story! Thanks for sharing...

  2. nice story liz..thts life..Always be ready for the unplanned..and anish's birth also was similar.Will share sometime.

  3. Wow! That's quiet an experience Liz!!

  4. That was beautiful Liz! Thanks for sharing.



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