About Mommy Center

About Mommy Center

Friday, September 4, 2009

Member Profiles Section

Yes, its been a long awaited feature for Mommy Center - A Profiles Section. A place where you can read up a brief summary about a person. Somewhere where one can click and get to know about Mommy Center Members. But for that to be in place I need a little help from each and everyone of you.

For starters, I will require all of you to write a post.It's just that simple. I will put forth a format (let's call it form to make it sound simpler) and we will all fill it up with relevant information. So here is what you gotta do.

1. Log in to Blogger.com
2. Click on New Post
3. Put the Title of the Post as your FULL NAME
4. Enter data in the format (which I will put down a little further)
5. Save, Publish the Post I will take it from here.

Of course initially we will have umpteen number of brief summary posts of everyone coming up as posts on the blog, but kindly bear with that. I will put up my information as an example as my next post and put the Profiles Section in place too so you get an idea of the whole thing.

Here is the format in which we'd like to have your information. Let's keep it simple and clean so that readers/browsers will find that all member info is following a similar style and hence improve readability.

My Information
Name - Full Name
DOB - DD/MM (You could specify the year if you want to)
Wedded Since - DD/MM/YY
No. of Children- (Enter in numerals)
Interests - Specify any of your interests, hobbies etc.
Web page/Blog - URL of any other web page(s) or blog(s) that belongs to you
About Me - (Optional - Can be added later too!) A little note about yourself that you would want to share with everyone.

Kids Information
Name of Child1 - Gender, DOB
Name of Child2 - Gender, DOB

So, that's the format and I hope to see you all do it soon, so that we have all our profiles up in the Member Profiles Section - Coming Soon On Mommy Center!!!

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  1. Just a little message... I request you to please stick to the format (Thanks for doing so Pallavi!) of the Profiles as mentioned in my post. That will help all profiles to look identical and will save me trouble of editing every entry.


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