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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Solutions to feeding a toddler

Samvit is a terror when it comes to mealtime. He will not sit. He will not eat. All he will do is simply push my hand away so that it wont reach his mouth. All these days I got wild on him. But, now I read (and hear from friends) that it is normal at this age. Yet, as mothers we want to make sure our children get the best nutrition they can from whatever little they eat (Oh, how I miss those days when he gobbled down that full bottle of milk even before I knew it. Perhaps I should wait for him to cry outta hunger like back then?!??) Anyway, I did a little research online and I found this nice link that I thought might benefit other frustrated moms like me.


I've decided that henceforth I will not force him. And I am putting it down in writing here so that it will sit in my mind like the foundation of a new building, and yes, I wish to start it all again. Afresh. And, hope he eats better! Ah... Hope....Is it not what we all live on?

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