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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The mind of a child

Been wanting to do this post for a while now....Finally found the time.

Like, we all know by now that every child has a mind of his/her own. I so very well knew that but yet when I was approached by a kid not too long ago I conveniently forgot about it and tried to act like I had the upper hand of the situation since I was an adult.

Well, here's what happened!

We had been on a vacation to this lovely place called Lake George in upstate New York. We enjoyed every minute of ours there. Then we headed straight for a supposedly popular garden in a town close to Lake George. Although we seemed to have expected a little too much from the garden, there was a wedding party there taking pictures to prove us wrong. They stood in the middle of what I might want to call the remains of a once-beautiful rose garden.

Anyway, while I was climbing my way up a flight of stairs towards a pavillion (where the wedding party were trying all poses/combinations of people for photos) a little girl dressed up in a very beautiful white frock walked up to me and asked, "Have you seen a Princess?"

I never expected anyone to come talk to us, let alone a child who would rather be flaunting away her dress with her friends.

I said, "No"

In an instant, she snapped at me, "I AM A PRINCESS!!"

"Oh, ok" And while I searched my brains for a more staisfying reply, some devine power had me and I said, "I thought you were a Fairy"

She gave me this 'dirty' look. I began wondering if I said something devastatingly wrong. She gave me one of those 'are-you-outta-your-mind' looks and continued, "I'm four"

I was like, where is this going? "Oh ok?" I managed to fumble.

She was so cheezed off by now and she nearly yelled at me, "Fairies are small. They are one. I am FOUR"

Phbbbttt.. Did any of you out there know the age of fairies???....Well, I smiled and she stormed away! The mind of a child, I tell you... !!


  1. hmm and also deepti they are always right!u say something else and they will be so upset.Anish also has his bit here.When the trash van comes (hez crazy abt trash vans)& i am in middle of some work and try to tell him thts justa goods truck or just some truck he never agrees with me.And when we go and see..he tells me see mummy i told u that was the trash van.Y did u tell me that it was not.So now we r act checking all the trucks tht come!!(this is how im loosing weight!)

  2. hahahah... Ill remember you and Anish every day I see that truck come near our place from now on.

    And not to forget these lil people have their ways of "proving" they are right.. and such ways that you simply cannot say another word beyond theirs!!

  3. hahahaaaa.... thats funny deepti.. maaan...i tell you these kids.. i had an episode with jaiden. little one was sitting on the potty and he was playing with this drum set he has and itz got lights with colors on it. So i was telling him , this is blue , green ,orange..and so on.. and he came to the color red and said itz orange. and I said.. no honey itz red.. he like nooooooo orange.. and suddenly he got soo angry he literally threw the drum set and said ORANGE !!! lol...oh man.. i should have shut my mouth! kids!!


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