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Thursday, November 5, 2009

It's a Vanity Affair!..or is it??

Feels like yesterday when I used to complain to my mom about her sense of dressing, make up and style. I cannot forget how I whined and got annoyed at the fact that she used to apply the brightest available shade of red at the last minute...almost at the moment when we have to step out of the door for a wedding or a get-together, making her nails looking like half baked cherries in a pie. I would be so angry with her for over applying her make up making her face look like a 3 inch thick pancake.

But today, when its time to head out and socialize I find myself rushing to get myself all groomed up and to say the least, end up looking far worse than what my mom did. In fact, coming to think of it, she looked so beautiful no matter what she did (or did not) do to herself. I'm sure our kids will say the same to us when they get to this stage too.. but what Im coming at is the point that what seemed so essential at one time has now dwindled down our priority list.

I could'nt care lesser about having matching nail polish shades on my finger nails and toes...or for that matter, not having it at all!! I could'nt care lesser if I wore the same dress over the last two occassions simply because it was the one that was right on top of the pile of clothes in my wardrobe. I could'nt care lesser if I had a bad hair day... all I care now is if my son has a good pair of trousers and shirt to wear. Do his socks match his outfit? Does he need a different hair-cut? Are his nails clipped? How about his jacket? (Gosh, Im thanking my stars I dont have a baby girl...I'd go bonkers!!)

How things change... and it happens in the most amazing (sometimes annoying too) way!!! So the last time when I met Mom when we were in India (that was last year when Sam was around 9 months), I... was the one rushing up with my eyeliner and she stood there behind me, still looking as beautiful as ever....and as unhassled as ever!

How things change!!


  1. hmm deepti my mom had a reason for the dark nailpolish..she said she had no time to do her nails..and now i cud'nt agree with her more..i hate to see my hands/nails after doing the dishes.But on having a baby girl..i think we'll relive our childhood more. atleast i think ill enjoy the part of dressing them.hmm cud'nt agree with u more"mom's are always beautiful."

    Congrats on the potty traning.

  2. Having maintained myself at a metaphysical level and being groomed in the budding architect community where, lose kurtas, uncombed hair and rubber slippers made a fashion statement, I really never had time to work on myself...Having a baby girl and having to go down to her friend's place has kind of compelled me to adopt a more civilised look :))

    I think, having a child improves one's self esteem as well as looks :)

  3. hahahaha, had one such similar moment over the weekend.
    Had planned Kyra's birthday with loads of new clothes for her to wear thru the day.
    The day was busy cooking up a storm and changing kyra into her new clothes oh-so-many times. That 15 mins before the guests arrive, i realise the t-shirt i had worn all morning had a small hole in it and the pants - where no where close to the colour when bought. Run up to my closet, scratch my head.....and oh no what do I wear. Realise no time to think, so crab the first pair of clothes in sight....and voila I am ready.

  4. hey I am having problems loading my detail on the blog..... even an article,.... could you please direct me how to go about it.... i am quite pathetic with all these

  5. Well motherhood really teaches you one thing...geting dressed in void time...

    Before we would plan for every occassion...which shade of nailpolish to go with the outfit and matching accessories..now..its all DIY instant dressing...like the instant noodle series...not a gourmet dish.

    Will worn out nailpaints with our limitless washing ...decided not to paint the nails!!!

    People who know me from my college or yesteryears...for my dressing ...will be surprised if they see me now!!!!



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